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Of course it is, but it was a matter of time. With Barca down all they will do is dive in the box.
Right.... Chris Foy should be send down to the lower leagues.
Thanks for your thoughts. I am planning on going for the entire weekend. I have been to the Indianapolis GP a number of times, but never practice and qualifying which should be fun. I have been debating between grandstand 12 and 15, but leaning towards 15.
My wife and I are going to the Montreal Grand Prix this year, but not sure where to sit. Anyone have recommendations?
Via the Telegraph: Madrid’s statement clarified the nature of Bale’s back problem. It read: “To claim that the player has a slipped disc on the L5-S1 vertebrae and a bulge on two others, is completely false. The player does not have a slipped disc. He has a small chronic disc bulge, which is extremely common among football players and by no means prevents him from carrying out his professional activity normally.” Got to love the Spanish press, especially Marca.
I believe ESPN and NBC sports have daily show.
I was watching beIN yesterday and Ray mentioned it was just added to U-verse:|U-verse
Maybe it is because he is a massive douche. Oh Arsenal signed a goalkeeper on loan I hear. That will really help them a lot. HAHAHAI am unhappy to find out that the US will not be able to see Sky Sports deadline day coverage.
To say Bale is worth 85, you are saying he was as good as CRon when he went to Real Madrid. He is not, that is for sure.
He is signing a new 5 year contract. Still made me so freaking mad Yossi made more than he did.
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