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the lakers are completely over rated this year. 6 of their wins have been decided by 5 points or less to teams that they should be running off the floor (MIL, OKC, GS). Yeah it'll keep going until number 24 decides that he has too many injuries to keep playing but i'm not betting on a repeat this year.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff yeah maybe odom is fine. i dont know. haha, toronto over new jersey 70 to 33 at the HALF !! what losers. I know this is old news already but as a Raps fan, this was definitely one of the most entertaining games i've seen in a while. Its nice being on this end of a blowout for a change...
apple didn't trademark the concept of a silhouette...
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite ^ your meth dealer is NOT a chemist. Unless he's the guy from "Breaking Bad"...
whoops just found the new one... sorry
am I the only one who has realized the WvG thread went AWOL?
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow Apparently, it's very common for people to need to poop immediately after entering a bookstore or library. This is me! It sucks having to spend hours per day in the university library...
Spiewak makes some solid coats at quite affordable prices. I'm from Saskatchewan and I'm rockin the Spiewak Meade Field Jacket. It keeps me nice and warm so your pussy Toronto winters would be no match for that sucker. But in all seriousness, good stuff good price. You can find their stuff through a few of the affiliates
I am currently wearing a cardigan with all but the bottom one buttoned. I am also wearing a t-shirt underneath (untucked). I think it looks pretty good but the shirt does have to be a shorter length than the cardigan itself.
unless you have survived a canadian prairie winter, you know nothing of cold. Take your shoes off in the house. Don't be a priss. I've never heard of any socks-in-house related injuries or something like that. suck it up, add your over priced shoes to the pile at the front door
New Posts  All Forums: