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Quote: Originally Posted by Atsui Done! Denim added to the sale. 30% OFF all denim through Sunday. Enjoy! Bah! F my timing haha I decided to use that money for an slr camera instead... Ridiculous customer service tho Jay. I hope that doesn't go unnoticed by others
they look sick man. He caved on the hidden wings eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by Atsui Blue Owl Flash Sale - - 40% OFF current price on all button downs, knits, jacket, and coats Sale ends Sunday 27th at midnight Seattle time. Sale includes items available through our online store only. Discount does apply to sale items. To get the discount, order online and hypenate your last name with SF (example Joe Smith-SF), send me a pm if you want to use Paypal, or call 206-849-6500 to place a phone order. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Anyone have a problem with their DBs bleeding onto their socks? I have a pair of beeswax that have stained two pair of socks in three weeks. Yeah man i have the same issue. comes out in the wash for me though
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis +1 I'm a little confused here too Just the internets? Just the internets internets is serious business! i'd buy that, i mean kop that poster for my office
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Calgary's okay. Actually it's better than okay, it's pretty fun if you're close to what stuff they have there. It's just a couple steps below Vancouver in terms of general goodness and cold as fuck in the winter like the rest of Canada. Vancouver is #1 to live in for me, really. But it's expensive and they pay new lawyers shit here. I don't even understand how people survive out of school, I guess much the same as in...
Did Get Smart and Whodini die?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet You couldn't be further from the truth brother, I just love fuckin with butthurt robert all the time (couldn't give two shits about the forum really) Guaranteed to elicit a barrage of posts every time haha touche. Watching it go down is often fairly amusing I must say
My turn. Might be a little obscure but anyone know of some good shopping in Athens Greece?
No. No it is not
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