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they look sick man. He caved on the hidden wings eh?
Quote: Originally Posted by gladhands Anyone have a problem with their DBs bleeding onto their socks? I have a pair of beeswax that have stained two pair of socks in three weeks. Yeah man i have the same issue. comes out in the wash for me though
Quote: Originally Posted by Meis +1 I'm a little confused here too Just the internets? Just the internets internets is serious business! i'd buy that, i mean kop that poster for my office
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Calgary's okay. Actually it's better than okay, it's pretty fun if you're close to what stuff they have there. It's just a couple steps below Vancouver in terms of general goodness and cold as fuck in the winter like the rest of Canada. Vancouver is #1 to live in for me, really. But it's expensive and they pay new lawyers shit here. I don't even understand how people survive out of school, I guess much the same as in...
Did Get Smart and Whodini die?
Quote: Originally Posted by jet You couldn't be further from the truth brother, I just love fuckin with butthurt robert all the time (couldn't give two shits about the forum really) Guaranteed to elicit a barrage of posts every time haha touche. Watching it go down is often fairly amusing I must say
My turn. Might be a little obscure but anyone know of some good shopping in Athens Greece?
No. No it is not
Its kinda too bad that you take a forum so seriously... Its all good brother, its just the internets
Quote: Originally Posted by APK Cardigan almost always guarantees at least one Mr. Rogers reference and a possible "Does your grandma know you have her sweater" comment if the cardigan is at all substantial. Actually the piece that I own that gets the most compliments is a substantial cardigan from, believe it or not, the GAP. But yes, I have grown to love the Mr. Rogers reference.
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