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Coffee Drinkers
Thanks man. My flickr has been giving me grief for a long time but I think I found a solution. More pics to come
KT by Evan Neufeld Bridge by Evan Neufeld Beautiful by Evan Neufeld
Edit: Gah I'm done trying... sorry
Here are some of mine. I'm having issues posting photos from Flickr though... Just me? Probably.
Anyone know how the Kurabo denim (smith) shrinks compared to the 12oz cone denim? My Cone pair fit awesome but shrunk just a bit too much on my first wash. Now I just got a Kurabo pair that fits larger than the other pair initially so I'm tempted to shrink them a bit but I don't want another pair of jeans that are too tight. Tell me what you know.
I just got back from Europe and I spent a week in Paris. Honestly, I wasn't overly impressed with the way 20somthings dressed. Peacoats, slim trousers, sneakers more often than not and yes, scarves. Similar to Dutch style but much more put together.
Just came back from the H&M in Paris Champs-Elysees. There was tons of stock on everything because they were really restricting the number of people allowed in (waves with different wristbands every hour or so) but even so, I didn't pick anything up. The cardigans were decent but the quality was kinda dodgy (too be expected I guess...). Even with the H&M prices, I couldnt really justify a purchase. Side note: Most security I have ever seen! I just saw the Pope in...
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