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Price drop to $40 shipped, last stop before Goodwill.
Shall we say $50 shipped?
Price on the J. Crew reduced to $60 shipped CONUS.
Polo is sold!
Ugh, sorry guys. I've switched to links. Hope that works better.
OK, not madness maybe, but darned peculiar! Both coats are in excellent, dare I say "like new", condition, with no damage or stains. Remember, Labor Day comes late this year, so plenty of time left to dress in the impeccable style to which you have, or will, become accustomed! Polo by Ralph Lauren Seersucker Sportcoat 40R -- SOLD J. Crew Vintage Seersucker Sportcoat 42R I am the original owner of this fine coat, which JC titles a Vintage Seersucker Sportcoat. It's...
Is this Simon Cowell?
Hit my local store tonight to pick up the Sperry Chukkas (in nubuck), which I love already like a dear friend. For new stuff, the "heathered cotton" business is nice. I guess that's the Washed Favorite? More vintage Oxfords, which I must purchase shortly. Saw the gray covert twill and thought it was hideous. Looks like the smock my 7th grade art teacher wore. I mean the weird one. There was a great tie that I don't see on the site. Kind of a faded tartan, tan with...
Quote: Originally Posted by edubs01 What was the general consensus on J Crew cashmere? Many have reported it pills rather easily, and you should either save to buy a nicer sweater (e.g. Saks) or buy on sale. I did the latter during a recent sale, and like what I got for $70.
Red chambray currently in stock in (gasp) all sizes:
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