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While that site horribly misplaces its valuations, if you put SF up for sale, 50k wouldn't be that unreasonable a guess, there's enough people with big wallets here to make advertisers, potential owners wet their pants
Not only that but given the amount of people going to be reading the blog it's almost essential that we have a forum member get the job! (PM sent)
I might be offering this service at some point. I will be talking to potential suppliers in the next 12 months... Hi All I just saw this online and thought I would post it here as it is relevant!
This guy should really bring in a business manager.. someone to clean up his operations! He will die of a heart attack otherwise.
A question, if I may: What's the price of Jantzen suits? Thanks
this guy cant afford Chan. I have heard theres a couple of not bad tailors in Mexico, use the search function my friend.
Brian You have come to the right place.
Don't know about causality but there's definitely a correlation. Expanding your shoulders and holding your chin high and erect really gives you an air of authority.
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