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I really like the longwing and PTB for jeans. I'd settled on the plain blucher, but had delayed my order because I can't get that longwing out of my mind.
I think that charcoal and navy are more versatile options that (at least in my opinion) are suitable for funerals. That said, one can buy a wool suit at that price at just about any department store. It won't be a great suit, but if properly tailored, it will serve your purpose.
I've been thinking of a Plain Blucher for a while, but I'm not thrilled with the options in my budget (AE and Loake). Any body have these?
I really like walnut with a light-to-medium grey. Burgundy, dark-brown or black with darker grey. There are lots of right choices here, I think.
I've been interested in the Bexley shoes. It's an awfully good price for a Goodyear welted shoe. There are a couple of threads here, but I've been hesitant to pull the trigger.
Yeah, the heel solution is probably a better one. My eyes are probably bigger than my belly.
Mostly because I wear them on highly polished floors, and I don't skate well.
Thinking of wearing them with chocolate chinos, mostly. Might work ok with denim, too. If that helps....
I have a pair of vintage black Florsheim longwings that I'm planning to recraft. I'm toying with the idea of going with an oak-stained sole, a little like the AE McTavish. Is this a ridiculous idea?
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