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PSA: the Burlington coat factory on 23rd and 6th in Manhattan has the following: Tan Suede mcgregor in 9D for $139.99 Tannish kiowas in 9D for $89.99 Black manchesters in 11D for $139.99 Tan mcgregors in 11D for $139.99
not sure why pictures didnt show in original posting, but here is one
Alden low vamp loafers in black shell, sized 8C. Shoe trees and original box included. Flannel bags not included. Bidding starts at $275, buy it now for $375. Shoes will be shipped earliest, Saturday, Oct 19th. More pics @ the ebay listing:
PM sent
Hi all, I could have sworn I came across a thread detailing how some guy was removing the black layer from the sole of his shoes (might have been AE's) to expose the wood underneath. Has anyone else read/come across this on either this site or another? I tried to search but my word combinations haven't turned up anything. Would greatly appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Thanks!
i finally got the flaring fixed! i visited an AE store and i told them what my issue was and they suggested the runner's tie/lock lacing:courtesy of ian's shoelace site:here's what it looks like now after i tried it (pardon the socks):i'm pretty happy with the results. my only concern now is the stitching on the sole. do you think this is something i should be worried about? is it a flaw?i'm pretty sure if i topy it, the topy will cover that spot anyways.
thanks, i might just try and return for a different version of the same size.i also tried tightening the laces a lot more, which did help, but didn't fix the bowing out comletely. i'd like to minimize it as much as possible.
so i got my mctavishes today and i need some advice on fit. i wear the strands in 8D, and sized down appropriately for the mctavishes. i got the 7.5D's however i still feel they are a bit long and i'm experiencing some weird and unsightly gap-age around the ankles. i've stuck my finger in the space to show how badly it gaps. do you think they shoes are still too big/wide? should i size down to 7D or 7E? any help would be greatly appreciated! attaching a pic of my...
yeah, AE customer service just confirmed that there is no such thing as a cordovan shell mcallister. the closest to it would be the cordovan cambridge.
thanks guys for the help. i also reached out to AE cust service for final confirmation. will let you know what i find.
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