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Thanks for the kind words; I'll let him know. Kent, he's a Chinchilla Silver Persian of the Dearheart line. (Those are the ones in the Fancy Feast ads.) They're notable for not having the "pushed face" of most Persians (perhaps the reason he "doesn't look like a bastard"); I much prefer this look, although the pushed face is what they want for cat shows—like I care.My wife had her heart set on a Chinchilla Silver Persian. I didn't even want a cat; I'd never had a pet, and...
I had a picture of my cat in this thread, but the link is no longer good. So, here he is in all his glory:
Keep it simple and casual. Slim (not skinny) dark blue jeans, don't roll the cuffs.
The first time? Nothing. After "we've had this fight countless times," everything.
Cloak is out of business: you should check the Buying and Selling forum here, eBay, etc. Cloak tends to run a bit small, but the fit varies from piece to piece: in my svelter days, I was a small or medium in Cloak depending on the item.For similar items, you should check out what former Cloak designers Robert Geller and especially Alexandre Plokhov are doing with their respective lines. They've moved on from their previous work, of course, but it's a good place to start.
This is true, I was—thanks for the props. I've also had very long absences and mostly lurk now, as I've had a tendency to go all OCD on occasion and that time is generally better spent with my wife or working. Still, I try to make myself useful on occasion, for old times' sake.
I understand the black jacket problem: I have tons of 'em. So, basically, you want a wool field jacket, military-inspired but probably a bit more tailored and different material than military issue. I'd just do a Google image search for "field jacket" and "field coat" +wool to see if anything strikes your fancy, and hunt it down from there. For example, this Hugo Boss jacket might work for you (not an endorsement: just the first I found that wasn't black or charcoal):Of...
Not quite. Reversed leather, or roughout, is a full grain, flesh-side-out leather (too scarred to use grain-side-out). It has the same strength as other full grain leather, but has a nappy finish that tends towards coarseness. By contrast, suede is split so there is no grain side: it hasn't nearly the tensile strength of full grain leather, but its softness gives it a fabric-like hand more suitable for certain types of garments. Nubuck is made from the same quality leather...
Is your problem with that Givenchy jacket that it's cotton, or something else? Because if you really want something like that, I'd just get that.
Is this a Dark Shadows theme wedding?
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