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I like them, and not just for bowling or ballet. But, then, what's not to like about "Kitten Testicle Grey" shoes with an "Ich Bin Atheist" sole? I also like the company's aesthetic, ethic, and pricing. Personally, I'd go for one of the more striking colors, but that's me.
No, he meant that the burgundy shoes looked brown on his screen at a glance, and he preferred them to the suggested black shoes. Brown or burgundy, either would be better than black with the outfit shown; I agree that burgundy is preferable to brown.
Possibly. The AA will certainly do if you're trying to cop that look—although it would help if you filled out the sleeves like Walker, as opposed to the AA model.
Yes. The slightly different greys will clash, and a grey denim uniform isn't a great look, either. If you want to go all grey, go with one pale and one dark. Grey and black can also work. So could grey and dark blue.
Actually, I prefer the shoes in brown to leaven the gray.
This sort of shoe is elegant, but not exactly subtle. The way you plan to wear them, they would likely be the distinguishing part of your outfit. This is not necessarily a bad thing; I do it all the time. (Heck, I'd wear those with jeans.) But, if you have one pair of remarkable shoes that you routinely wear with casual staples, you risk becoming "the guy with those shoes." So, yeah, you can dress up to them or not, in which sense they're versatile. But, you probably don't...
These have to do with the thickness of the spun cotton yarn used to weave the fabric for the shirt. One figure is for warp, the other for weft.The first number in each figure states the size (thickness) of the yarn based on a length-to-mass ratio: 40 could mean 40 meters per gram (international system) or 40 hanks per lb. (English system). I'm afraid I don't know which system is being used here. Either way, the larger the number, the finer the yarn. The second number is...
Sure, it'll work. I can't tell if the jeans are dark blue or black. I think blue denim generally works better with brown shoes than black, but black and blue has a vibe, too. Black and black is a no-brainer. Black denim and brown shoes—that takes attitude (and the right shade of brown), but it can be done.
No argument here. But, symmetry between the left and right front darts means something.
The jacket is darted on the front, distorting the horizontal dimension of the pattern and causing the vertical line through the right pockets to temporarily "disappear." Thus, the pocket flap patterns don't line up perfectly on either side. The ticket pocket makes it more obvious, but the seam appears to "eat" the line more on the right than on the left, as well. Might be why this suit is on eBay.
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