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Even if not for these religious requirements I couldn't picture myself buying a pre-owned utensil from some random person I dont know that has been used but never really "cleaned". Just seems a bit gross. Pre-seasoned by the manufacturer is an entirely different picture.   PS. My Lodge skillet is on its way!
  Oh, those houses got screwed! Sorry.   Water level rose there and the garages (ones near marsh on beach 9th) got water (saw earlier when I went down to the beach).   Beach 7th may be different but if they are the same as the houses on Beach 9th - they definitely got some flooding issue.
Source/link for the bolded please.   BTW you can view the NYS Thruway Traffic Cams for pics of submerged roadway. Pretty crazy.  
Not sure but I wouldnt be too worried - wasnt bad here except a few trees and some wires.  
  Jarvis (near TAG).I assume your block is fine most of the flooding was on the beach side of Seagirt blvd and I don't think it started flooding till the 20's.     Beach 9th is generally fine although by Cornaga there was a downed wire and street light was out.   Most of the flooding is down Seagirt Blvd in the 20's and 30's - my bro sent me some pics:    
Seems that further out on Rockaways they had some serious flooding, cars and entire streets submerged in a few feet of water...
If you are scared enough to evac - why would you leave your car parked under a tree (a block from the beach)???  
  Truth is I'm not sure...too many different reports and predictions...just doesnt seem so windy nor very rainy. At 4 am I woke up and it was pretty nasty outside.
Nothing to report here either, just a bunch of wind and rain in the Rockaways. It seems that the harshest part of the storm has not yet arrived here.
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