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Is there a way to view polls that were created on the old system? Was looking at a thread that had a poll alongside it but didn't see any way to access it.
Spoke with a HF saleswoman on the phone and she claims that all the suits and jackets on the website are fully canvassed. She claims that they were given a training recently and this was one of the areas they were prepped on. However, the Nathan model is available on their website so   I'd take the word of a fellow SF'er sooner than a sales associate.    
Sorry for bumping but still hoping someone can comment on this.
Seems to be a new line. Is it full canvass like its predecessor the Madison or is it fused like the lower lines (Ltd.)?   Is anyone familiar with the model?   Can anyone comment on quality, construction etc.?   Thanx.    
I'm smoke free for 3 years (actually the 3rd anniversary is next week Tuesday) after enjoying over 10 years of Parliament cigs! While I believed (and still do to some degree) that I smoked because I enjoyed it immensely and it was a great social outlet, those with a psychoanalytic bent will argue that there were definitely underlying reasons for pursuing cigarettes over more productive and healthier outlets. When I stopped it was all about willpower and at the time that...
Really great! There are pricing details here on their site. Apparently they will be on vacation starting from the end of this week, Aug 6  and will reopen on the 22nd.
These are a pair of Corneliani pants that were originally part of a suit. They are light navy blue with a windowpane design. They are pleated and unhemmed. 100% wool, gorgeous soft hand.
They were purchased new for myself and I had them hemmed (no cuffs).They are flat front. Wore them for a few hours one afternoon and realized they didn't fit well as I had lost weight. They have been sitting in my closet the entire time and are in immaculate condition. The pants measure 40.5" at the waist 33" inseam and 43.75 outseam.
please delete.
Looking into a Polo RL suit on ebay but I don't recall seeing a label in the pants such as this one. Is it a fake or just old?   Also how does one tell figure out sizing terms of Regular or Long - alongside the Jacket size there are numbers corresponding to the length but it doesn't appear to say which one it is. Is anyone familiar with this?   Measurements help but they are only an approximation plus not all sellers know how to take them.  
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