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Even if not for these religious requirements I couldn't picture myself buying a pre-owned utensil from some random person I dont know that has been used but never really "cleaned". Just seems a bit gross. Pre-seasoned by the manufacturer is an entirely different picture.   PS. My Lodge skillet is on its way!
Thanx guys but the ebay stuff is outta the question - for me at least - kosher issue      Are there any companies that make unseasoned cast iron stuff? Most of the stuff I see is pre-seasoned.   Lodge claims that they use soy based vegetable oil with kosher certification (wouldn't rely on their word) and others don't specify.
Thanx guys, gonna go with the Lodge as otc said it seems to be a reputable maker. $18 on Amzon.com and free shipping with prime...
Never heard that it was an issue but never tried.   IME USPS workers while sometimes being idiots are usually properly informed.
Looking to purchase a cheap cast iron skillet ~$40    What brands does the forum think are the best bang for the buck?   Was looking at a Lodge skillet that is fairly cheap around $20 - where does Lodge rank on quality?
Thanx Spoo,   I am going to contact him once more before the weekend. I'm going to state simply that the item is not as described and that had I known I would never have bid. I won't even mention feedback and claims. If he is willing to cover the costs and refund me in full, great, otherwise I'll neg him, file a claim and some guy in need of charity will become the owner of the SC. For me its a win/win! The seller, well if he insists on being a jerk, screw him.  
  Spoke to someone at yoox a minute ago - she claimed that unless stated otherwise it is a regular...   how unreliable are they at yoox?
Thanx for the idea - maybe I'll donate it...  
Thanx ed,   how the hell do I know if its a long or a regular (need a long)
http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/MACO/dept/salemen/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/49118036QA/sts/sr_salemen80   seems that this is the tag/label:   http://thisfits.me/post/5580968536/discounted-caruso-on-yoox-speaking-of-yoox   don't know if its Ma Co or some other line nothing to do with Caruso.    
New Posts  All Forums: