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Thanx guys, gonna go with the Lodge as otc said it seems to be a reputable maker. $18 on Amzon.com and free shipping with prime...
Never heard that it was an issue but never tried.   IME USPS workers while sometimes being idiots are usually properly informed.
Looking to purchase a cheap cast iron skillet ~$40    What brands does the forum think are the best bang for the buck?   Was looking at a Lodge skillet that is fairly cheap around $20 - where does Lodge rank on quality?
Thanx Spoo,   I am going to contact him once more before the weekend. I'm going to state simply that the item is not as described and that had I known I would never have bid. I won't even mention feedback and claims. If he is willing to cover the costs and refund me in full, great, otherwise I'll neg him, file a claim and some guy in need of charity will become the owner of the SC. For me its a win/win! The seller, well if he insists on being a jerk, screw him.  
  Spoke to someone at yoox a minute ago - she claimed that unless stated otherwise it is a regular...   how unreliable are they at yoox?
Thanx for the idea - maybe I'll donate it...  
Thanx ed,   how the hell do I know if its a long or a regular (need a long)
http://www.yoox.com/item/YOOX/MACO/dept/salemen/tskay/3FD17CD7/rr/1/cod10/49118036QA/sts/sr_salemen80   seems that this is the tag/label:   http://thisfits.me/post/5580968536/discounted-caruso-on-yoox-speaking-of-yoox   don't know if its Ma Co or some other line nothing to do with Caruso.    
So I bid on a sportcoat from an ebayer that was listed as NWOT and measurements provided were for a 24" chest. Although the manufacturer sized the item an XXL the seller stated it was equivalent to a 46L and provided the aforementioned measurements. The item arrived on time but the fit and measurements were totally off, actually the tag inside the chest pocket states that it is a 60L Italian (50L US). I emailed the seller the following:   Hi, I received the Jacket...
Bumping in hopes of an answer...
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