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Grey Oxxford suit size 42R NWT - if there is any interest i will get the exact measurements, and better pictures. Price is 925 - plus shipping. Light grey with light blue windopane. Beautiful soft cloth 70% cashmere 30% silk. I may be able to get my hands on them in 44R & 44L, but they also will be upwards of $900, they originally retailed at $4895. I must know by late tonight SUNDAY 10/18. SORRY THIS ITEM IS NO LONGER AVAILBLE
More sizes and colors added new brown rust design in 42L and 44R!!!
Price drop on Corneliani.
Nice suit very nice price! Am I the only loser who is a 46L - maybe I should drop 20 pounds so I can buy something on this forum.
I agree with NY58. Although calling is sometimes a good option in this case it seems you are pretty bent out of shape and with good reason. That last thing you want is a phone call that turns confrontational and personal. The objective is to go try and go forward with the sale not hinder it by lashing out at dr.no, although he does deserve it. Try expressing yourself in written form as portrayed in the previous post, more often than not a short concise letter can be more...
They seem to be in excellent condition - you never had any size 13? If you do let me know.
Leaving negative feedback is one of ensuring you won't ever see those shoes, in most cases it is not possible to remove. Your best bet would be to email him that if he doesn't go through with the sale you will leave the feedback.
added 2 more pairs today
NWT Corneliani 'Vouge' model jacket tagged as EU 58L US 48L 95% wool 5% cashmere dark navy with a subtle windowpane pattern 2 btn with dual side vents from the tags it appears to have been part of a suit but alas it has been orphaned $215 >SOLD plus shipping. Chest 24.5" Waist 23.5" Shoulders 20.75" Legth from bottom of collar 33.5" Sleeves 28" These Crittenden jackets are made by Critt Rawlings, retired Oxxford Clothes president check out the ask...
Had a friend who tried this about a year ago, didn't make much off it - most new customers couldn't get their measurements right and he being the middleman got screwed. Not a terribble idea but a little risky. Good luck!
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