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Quote: Originally Posted by JetBlast The chick I am currently seeing is having some serious family problems and may end up moving to Philadelphia to get away from them. I can't do anything about it but it makes me feel like shit knowing this is going on. At least you are seeing someone - I just broke up with a girl sunday night.
can't make a damn sale...not even a bump...
Try here.
so sad
I dry clean my dress shirts & hanger is the cheaper option - judging from the poll results I'd say I'm not the only one going the cheaper route. Shirts - hang Sweaters - folded Ties - rolled and in drawer (I have also realized that it ruins them & now on the lookout for a nice tie hanger) Me - well hung
sleeves need help + looks like it should be taken in a bit it hangs in the back under the arms.
BB coat added + price drop on Nordstrom coat
If they were a sz 13 i would - they are really nice.
Bad idea - you probably won't have the support you need even with all the fixers.
more shoes added + ties
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