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Those shoes are beautiful.
Way 2 much
Price drops for Canali, AE & Barker Black.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion Charlotte, NC. Charlotte, NC is now officially on my 'don't go there' list. Although, I think I actually was there in the airport for a stop-over to Savannah, Ga back in '01 - sad cause it seemed like a nice place.
What size shoes will the Lobb trees work for? I'm a sz 13D.
price drops on ties and coat
Thanx guys - need to change pants now. I think we should have an abbreviation for that 'N2CP'
Being fat sucks - whenever you move everything jiggles but bad breath comes and goes it's not constant plus you don't have to smell your own.
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan 2. Reduce the number of pages of large photo-based threads such as Shoe Pron and the Are These Fake Thread by closing the original threads, archiving them, and starting a Part II Thread. One board I visit limits the thread page numbers to 50 and then creates Part X. My understanding is that this improves vbulletin speed. Read this thread.
Quote: Originally Posted by onion In my city it is a law you must slow down for police with flashing lights who are pulled over, or anyone pulled over for a traffic stop. In fact, a couple of months ago they cracked down on this, and issued quite a few tickets to people who didn't. How stupid - just curious if you dont mind me asking, where do you live? BTW I was driving on the Southern State Pkwy in Long Island yesterday.
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