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NWT Corneliani Solid Gray 3 button suit $259 starting bid size 46R
NWT 3 button Southwick suit 44R navy blue $100 OBO
Utensil or the meat?  
  Plastic not foam...
Used my Lodge skillet tonight - great buy!   It wasn't as rare as it looks (although I do eat extremely rare/black and blue from time to time).    
This suit is is made by Zegna for Saks, it is not just Zegna cloth (see the manufacturer tag). Half canvassed, very nice waist suppression, light shoulder padding. Two button front, side vents, basted sleeves (buttons included) and flat front pants.   Measurements:   Jacket Chest: 24.5 Waist 23 Shoulders 20 Sleeves 26.5 Length 33   Pants Waist 41.5 Inseam 36.75 Rise 11.25
I think you misunderstood my post or only read my most recent one. Cast iron is not the issue, its foodstuffs that may have previously been cooked in them that present an issue for me (see my previous post about kosher). If  you still don't understand I'd be glad to fill you in.   Regards.  
Even if not for these religious requirements I couldn't picture myself buying a pre-owned utensil from some random person I dont know that has been used but never really "cleaned". Just seems a bit gross. Pre-seasoned by the manufacturer is an entirely different picture.   PS. My Lodge skillet is on its way!
Thanx guys but the ebay stuff is outta the question - for me at least - kosher issue      Are there any companies that make unseasoned cast iron stuff? Most of the stuff I see is pre-seasoned.   Lodge claims that they use soy based vegetable oil with kosher certification (wouldn't rely on their word) and others don't specify.
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