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Up for sale is a pair of AE Bel Air in black size 13 B, these are too tight as I really need a medium width. I think they are seconds but no visible flaws to my knowledge. Worn gently 5-6 times. Price is firm but includes shipping in the CONUS. Feel free to contact me with questions. I am best reached via email - my email address is my styleforum user name  @gmail.com
Currently in midst of looking for cheap dinnerware - my fiance has her eyes on a set of 222 Fifth Mia Blossom in Red. Just curious if anyone has experience with this brand? Can anyone vouch for their quality?   Thanx,   Eli
Hey guys, is it possible to repair a ripped seam on the back of shoe by the heel?   I am thinking of purchasing these shoes with a defect but don't want to waste money if they cannot be fixed properly.   Below are photos of the issue.   Any help would be appreciated.   - Eli  
Hi, Can't figure out if this shoe will work with a black suit. Something is telling me it is more appropriate to wear with a tuxedo. I dont know why but the shoe seems too plain. Perhaps someone can identify the model name as well. Yes these are made by Allen Edmonds. Any help would be appreciated. -Eli    
Some good footage, time lapse vid.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9rM8ChTjY
  Haven't been there in a few years and since then both the one in 5 towns closed as well as the Brooklyn location.
  Yeah - the tablecloth/crayon thing, tacos and salsa + the stackable glasses were solid hints. Enjoy the food - the onion was one of my favorites. Oh, and happy 30th - I just celebrated mine last month.
  Dougie's? Haven't been there in years - but from what I remember it looks like their style. Is that their signature "Unbelievable Onion"?
The HF sales associates are a bit clueless - last year I called and asked about suit construction and was told they were fully canvassed. I asked if any of the lines were fused and they replied that all their suits are fused as well. Kinda confusing.   What I've picked up shopping around recently is that the Millburn is half canvassed and the Beacon and Addison are fully canvassed. None of the HF suits I've seen at NMLC recently have been fully canvassed except a...
Isaia Napoli 10% Silk & 90% Wool Pinstripe Suit, EU 58 US 46/48L - Completely mint condition Isaia Napoli suit: totally flawless, drape is new and fabric is fresh. This fully canvased suit was hardly worn and looks new. Features modern/aggressive 3 button stance, four buttons on each cuff with, dual vents, Isaia Napoli custom lining, hand ticked lapels and edges and hand finished lapel buttonhole as well as working ticket pocket. Pants have a completely flat front with...
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