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  Same here and still happening. Tried both Safari and Firefox on my Mac but I still keep getting the same error message. Please fix.
What shitty day:     USPS didn't deliver my order on time and now I'm going away tomorrow morning for the weekend    Barber screwed up my haircut and the fucker didn't even have the balls to let me know. Took a look after I showered and I was like WTF!!!?? Can't even do a touch up...   Plus some other personal shit started getting to me today...   I HATE THE HOLIDAY SEASON!  
'tis the season to bring up this thread again...
Using it on my Galaxy S3 and it is awesome. So much better than before. Thanks guys.
  Pardon but I think you are the one who misunderstood the OP. See bold where OP refers to both buttonholes and pockets. As far as I've seen I've never come across suit sleeves with pockets on them. Although on this forum I wouldn't be surprised.  
Purchased on eBay for $135 plus shipping. Two weeks later I purchased the same shoe with the same back stitching defect for $160 - the latter pair doesn't seem to have the discoloration/cracking issue.
Thanks.   When I sent them back to AE I decided to recraft them as one of the soles was starting get a hole in it. The recrafting dept informed me that as they were seconds there was no warranty and if something were to go wrong in the process they would not honor me with a new pair of shoes. They also said the same thing as far as the aforementioned leather discoloration/cracking issue. They were positive that the leather was singed or got heated by something and...
Hey guys,   I purchased a pair of AE Rutledge from the Independence Collection on eBay this past spring. The shoes were obviously seconds as the stitch on the back seam was not fully closed. I had it repaired for $20 and they looked perfect. After wearing it a few times I noticed that on the side of the toe box there was a small discoloration. I polished them up a bit and continued wearing them. Several wears later I realized that the leather in that same spot was...
Gas lines in brooklyn. Have less than half a tank left and doesn't look like its gonna get better anytime soon. 
Up for sale is a practically new Corneliani suit. I wore it once in August 2011 and it has been sitting in a closet since. Measurements and better pics available upon request. I had this tailored and also had the shatnez removed. It's a 17,75 micron suit and the hand is unbelievably soft. It is gray plaid, some brown stripes along some of the check pattern and a light red windowpane which appears as orange/peach colored from arms distance.   The jacket features a...
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