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Wasnt referring to the poor. When you have segments of the population that turn out in droves to vote for a prez that promises more benefits yet have never earned a dime nor did their dad who they never had what to do with because he was off with another one of his baby mamas, that is what i was refering to. Yes that is not 50% of our population but it changes the spread of the voters. Changing voting outcomes will resuslt in different spending habits.While i'm happy...
This one is particularly horrible. An hour I can understand - 2.5 hrs is beyond absurd. She just got called to have a anesthesia consultation to decide how she wants to undergo the procedure. What a croc of horseshit.
Wife is having minor procedure in the city. Original appointment was for 7:30 and they called to confirm yesterday at noon. At about 6:00pm they called back and said they needed us to change our appointment to 8:30 wife said ok. Been here since 8:30 and all they have done is take her medical info and administered a urine test. WTF!
If only those with employment and taxpayer history were allowed to vote. Unfortunately government aid has become a lifestyle. Why the hell do those who make a career out of smoking weed and collecting all sorts of government programs get to vote and perpetuate such a lifestyle choice?
  Amen.    But then again, we should be on the verge of revolt when the government takes roughly 35% percent of our income. The smartest thing the federal government did was requiring employers to withhold taxes from paychecks. If taxpayers would be writing out checks to Uncle Sam at years end, perhaps we would revolt. 
  Been a problem for at least 3 weeks now. It appears that Huddler goes on holiday vacation for a month. Really missing the old forum. 
Whats up with the error message when trying to filter categories on the B&S Forum? Have the mods noticed it? Can anyone comment on this please, it sucks having to look at every item on B&S instead of just what I am interested in... Posted in the New Forum Support as well but no answer from any mods. Is this issue being sorted out?
Still getting this - been a few days since I can filter results.    
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New Posts  All Forums: