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Anyone have any clue if these suits are in fact made by Caruso? Are they fully canvassed?   Any way to figure out if the suit is a regular or long on Yoox?   Thanx in advance.
You may wanna double check but the ones I have are only half canvassed.
Likewise - shatnez issues...   Almost kopped a tie last week until the seller PM'd me a few pics one of which was of the fabric tag 
Can anyone answer if it is fused or canvassed?   Contemplating getting one pending an answer.
These stickied threads open to the first page when you click on them: (not live links)   What I am Selling on Ebay -member auctions Styleforum Ambassador program Manhattan sales alert  
Hickey Freeman is having a nice sale, some of the suits for ~$300 most between $400 - $500 range. Madison, Sterling & Mahogany styles all very nicely discounted + free shipping on orders of $150.   Link    
Switched back to rich text format without clearing caches and had no problem...seems odd that its only a problem in one direction    
When i send PM's the text remains in the typing box even after i send the message. Until today i was using rich text but I switched it to BB and now this started happening...dont know if its related but its annoying as hell that I have to erase my previous PM before typing a new message
Any chance of incorporating sizing tags - probably the most basic tag for searching purposes. Anyone searching for something is bound to be searching for specific sizes...kinda funny that of all the ridiculous stuff that comes up on the autocomplete function there is little that really is helpful for tagging...   Edit: And perhaps colors as well...its kinda counterproductive at this point that when you try to add the color blue i can only tag it blue-cable-knit-sweater...
Is there a way to view polls that were created on the old system? Was looking at a thread that had a poll alongside it but didn't see any way to access it.
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