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Yes! (Mine are a bit worse or so I make myself think)
I'm sure there is a thread about this but searching the new site is a pain so I'm creating a new thread.   It seems that when I have my pants tailored, if the leg opening is a bit narrow the pants end up bunching up and the break looks terrible. The length at the back by the heel is fine, it comes to just above the heel of the shoe, but the front just looks ridiculous.   My tailor claims that he can't make it shorter in the front 'cause if there is too much of a...
Hiding avatars helps as it gets rid of the gaps/white space created by the picture size.   Also the one item per sales thread ends up defeating the purpose of bumping...when someone with 20 items simultaneously bumps them it takes over the entire front page...   Is there a spell check for post? I know a red line appears when things are misspelled but right clicking it doesn't give correct options.
NWT 100% Wool Corneliani Dress pants size 38   Contact me here via PM for a SF reduced price via paypal (off ebay)
  Thanx!   The multiple listings with only one item sorta knocks the small time (one random item) seller off the front page really quickly.   Looking forward to an even more improved B&S - just curious how long do you think it will take for it to be updated?
I used the no script add-on for mozilla and it screwed up my search capabilities on the classifieds...when i would scroll to an article type it wouldnt do anything.    
I'm sure that j/Fok & co. had a reason. However, it seems like it defeats the purpose of bumping which is the only way to have visibility if other search  features are not enabled. The front page is bound to have 20 items from the same seller being bumped simultaneously as I just saw earlier...
Just looked at the mens clothing classifieds a minute ago and there were 12 items (which = 12 classifieds) that were just bumped all from the same seller and several items (6 or 7 items) from a different seller. IMO the one item per thread is ridiculous as it defeats the purpose of bumping. How long will a thread stay on the front page if a seller with 20 items lists them all in the same ten minutes, and repeats the cycle when he gets his turn to bump them?   If the...
NWT Mabitex Pants Size EU56 US40   100% Cotton - stone colored with a nice herringbone design. Flat front and unhemmed.
New Posts  All Forums: