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  I'm on the border of Far Rockaway and Nassau County. Minutes from Atlantic Beach. Wind is really picking up here now.   LOL    
  A large portion of Manhattan seems to be on the safe side - high elevation/underground power...not much to worry about...   Those in the suburbs are royally screwed...
  That sucks...just got an email that 80% chance my area will loose power by morning - that is if LIPA doesnt cut it first 
Really coming down hard by me and the wind is picking up.   Spoo what county are you in?    
Riding out the storm here in Far Rockaway (red spot on lower right corner below). May go check out the waves soon.  
I was just informed via email that there is a mandatory evac in my neighborhood by 5pm tomorrow.
Thanx guys but the ebay stuff is outta the question - for me at least - kosher issue      Are there any companies that make unseasoned cast iron stuff? Most of the stuff I see is pre-seasoned.   Lodge claims that they use soy based vegetable oil with kosher certification (wouldn't rely on their word) and others don't specify.
Thanx guys, gonna go with the Lodge as otc said it seems to be a reputable maker. $18 on Amzon.com and free shipping with prime...
Never heard that it was an issue but never tried.   IME USPS workers while sometimes being idiots are usually properly informed.
Looking to purchase a cheap cast iron skillet ~$40    What brands does the forum think are the best bang for the buck?   Was looking at a Lodge skillet that is fairly cheap around $20 - where does Lodge rank on quality?
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