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please delete.
Looking into a Polo RL suit on ebay but I don't recall seeing a label in the pants such as this one. Is it a fake or just old?   Also how does one tell figure out sizing terms of Regular or Long - alongside the Jacket size there are numbers corresponding to the length but it doesn't appear to say which one it is. Is anyone familiar with this?   Measurements help but they are only an approximation plus not all sellers know how to take them.  
Not sure where to post this so I am doing it here. Its essentially a question about the rules for the new B&S.   In the past cross posting in the B&S was not allowed, but now that were are delegated a certain amount of threads based upon membership are we free to use them as we see fit? If I am allowed 7 threads as a base member can cross post an item that may sell in either MC or SW&D and count that as 2 of my 7 classifieds, or is cross posting still not allowed?
Stunning Isaia blue suede loafers. They are NIB and the shoe bags are included as well. If you want exact measurements please PM me.   They are in immaculate condition, however, I did come across one slight imperfection that is at back of the heel and I have photographed it.      
  Figured that was the case...   Thanks for all the work, I know you guys are really putting alot of time and energy into this. It is much appreciated.
Great! Thanx!   Just curious, how long before its fully implemented?    
  Just one more thing i noticed. Under the avatars there are 3 items   Post count, join date and location. It looks a bit sloppy as they are not in 3 separate lines but it seems that post count and joined date are on the same line and depending on how many posts one has the join date gets moved partially to the next line. Just looks a bit sloppy and inconsistent...   See the difference between my username and yours...      
  Thanx.   What about the inability to see threads on the forum page without scrolling such as in these screenshot? On the old system the page would yield several threads before the need to scroll...        
  Thanx.   Just curious, I know that there were issues with the new B&S. When you click the page numbers at the top of the page it brings you to the top of the page you clicked for. However when you click the numbers at the bottom it goes to the bottom of the next page. When I clicked on the last page page my screen turned light blue (background color) as it apparently went all the way to the bottom of the page, even below the ebay shoe ads...      
About the ad space, is it possible to make one column of ads along the edge instead of a double column that only dips halfway down the page? It means that you would have to do away with the double size ads but  if it enhances the viewer experience wouldn't it be in SF's best interest. Alot of complaints were about the shape/size of the posts.   It may make the page look more continuous as the post would all be of equivalent size...  
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