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Sounds about right to me. My wife took a pair of boots to an expensive cobbler in brooklyn heights near her office and even he only charged $40 for soles and heels. I'm having a pair done near me currently for $30. I'd say $50 is quite overpriced. Edit: In retrospect I'm having heels done as well so I think your paying a bit more but not much - difference of $6 perhaps.
AE customer service is unbeatable!   I was in the AE Outlet in Riverhead Long Island about 5 weeks ago and they were running a sale on discontinued items - 2 for $250 I asked for two shoes and they told me that the system had them listed as in stock and they would call me when they heard back from stores that had them. They called 2 days later and apologized telling me that neither store could find the shoes.When the Rediscovery sale started I called again and asked if...
      If they are not seconds would AE swap them out for a new pair. Has anyone tried that and been successful...that sort of comment. your welcome to move on and not partake of this thread as yo seem to have figured out the only possible course of action.
Purchased the AE Haights from 6pm.com and I received two different shaped shoes (and dirty as well).   Here is a pic of the soles - there is no marking on either sole that shows that they are seconds but the difference between these and the current Haights available from AE is quite apparent.          The heel is different from the current one on the AE website. The color of the heel and sole is also a bit different but the fact that 6pm claims they only sell...
Anybody know where I can find shirts similar to those that Daffy's used to carry? I know some familiar brands are available on Yoox for double the price but is there anyone that offers them at Daffy's price point? Either online or in NY metro area.
I just posted in the PSA thread but figured the AE enthusiasts would appreciate knowing. I came across AE Haights on 6pm for $206 and free shipping (tax applicable in some states totaling $225)   http://www.6pm.com/allen-edmonds-haight-brown-burnished-calf
In case anyone is interested I came across AE Haights on 6pm for a steal - $206 and free shipping (tax applicable in some states totaling $225)   http://www.6pm.com/allen-edmonds-haight-brown-burnished-calf
Thanks. If someone lost it, I'd expect to see some signs for a missing cat which leads me to believe that nobody is looking for it. Unless of course the owner lives several miles from my neighborhood but I don't know how how likely it is that the cat strayed so far from its home. Will try to see if there is a collar or chip. I'm afraid of calling a shelter because I don't want to be responsible for it being put down - is that route taken if they don't find a home for the cat?
Hi guys, sorry to be posting this but I had no other place to ask.  This cat is hanging around my neighborhood - we first started seeing it about 10 days ago. From the looks of it I'd say it is either old or sick or both. (I could be wrong and maybe its just a really weird looking breed) I just happened to be outside and snapped a few pics of it down the block from my apt. Anyone care to explain what may be wrong with it and what the best thing to do for it would be. One...
  Should I be worried?   I don't have a back door - oh wait - no that is off limits! The wife would not appreciate that...
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