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 Pot of income perhaps not, however some may argue that the so called "pot of opportunity" is not allocated evenly, hence the income inequality. I still couldn't give two shits 'cause most of the freeloading parasitical wastes of semen wouldn't know what the fuck to make of it, even if it would present itself along with an Opportunities for Dummies handbook. 
Me. Truthfully its my wife's plan provided through her employer, I have my own plan. Old plan was a small group EPO $575 for individual $0 deductible $ co-insurance but copays were stiff primary care doc - $40, specialist - $65. Current plan is also an EPO, has a slightly more expensive premium. However it also has $2,500 deductible plus 20% coinsurance up to $4000 not including deductible (total $6,500). Copays are now $50 and $75 and don't count towards the out of pocket...
I know its a few days but I didn't see any reference to this yet   Kings Plaza incident in Brooklyn   http://nypost.com/2013/12/27/hundreds-of-teens-trash-mall-in-wild-flash-mob/   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oO_ToT2C3xg   I love how it gets reported as "teens"
 Source please?
So all the previous posters who are so quick to point out the apparent racism towards blacks and stereotyping of black teens - tell me how would you react if you found a group of 5 black youth heading towards you on an empty street in an area where the game has been played? I know that I would cross the street, but you've probably convinced yourself that you would just pretend they were white and carry on. Bullshit. 
I'm not sure what you mean by 'connection'. The same exact thugs in each incident, probably not. But the video-taking and posting on social networking sites already establishes some form of connection between the aggressors. Friends or random strangers, it seems that there is an online community of degenerate teens who get some sort of thrill from beating defenseless people and boasting about it.The lack of reporting has to do with race - black on white hate crime. 
 http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-504083_162-57613157-504083/knockout-game-targeting-victims-in-several-cities-report-says/ What the f*ck is wrong with teens these days. I shouldn't really say teens because it seems to be specifically teenagers from a certain demographic that are the perpetrators here. Probably why there has been so little coverage up till now even though its been ongoing for quite some time now.
I just got news that my wife's boss is no longer offering insurance as of 2014 (small business with 15 employees). He used to cover my wife and two other members of his staff while the others had the option of buying in at a cheaper rate than was available elsewhere. She had GHI till now - $40 copays but I don't recall any large deductible. Even so that was a crappy plan. Went for blood test - $40 copay, ultrasound - $80 copay. I just went to browse some insurance sites...
Sounds about right to me. My wife took a pair of boots to an expensive cobbler in brooklyn heights near her office and even he only charged $40 for soles and heels. I'm having a pair done near me currently for $30. I'd say $50 is quite overpriced. Edit: In retrospect I'm having heels done as well so I think your paying a bit more but not much - difference of $6 perhaps.
AE customer service is unbeatable!   I was in the AE Outlet in Riverhead Long Island about 5 weeks ago and they were running a sale on discontinued items - 2 for $250 I asked for two shoes and they told me that the system had them listed as in stock and they would call me when they heard back from stores that had them. They called 2 days later and apologized telling me that neither store could find the shoes.When the Rediscovery sale started I called again and asked if...
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