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Yeah, works now. Wasn't working when the presale link went live at 3am.
Link works for me, showing all the RRL items that are discounted (most at 30% off). But when I add to cart and checkout, the price remains at retail with no price reduction.
The pre-sale should also be online, no? it just started at ralphlauren.com/presale. My only issue is there a code I have to obtain? because no discount is being reflected when I checkout on items that should be reduced. I guess I'll have to call customer service.
Ones I'm speaking about are these. Reg destroyed and super destroyed.
Only reason I did super destroyeds was because the regular destroyeds (what I wanted) was sold out in my size (33-34). If I had known in advance the super destroyeds were 14 cm I would've never bought them, instead, got the 32 regular destroyeds this store was sitting on and somehow stretch the waist out. I can do 15.5's, 14s I can't.
I got my super destroyed ($750) SLP light blue denim in earlier this week. Not until after ordering them over the phone from an NY store and shipped to me that a friend said the super destroyeds ($750) are 14 cm, where the regular destroyed ($675) are 15.5. I'm normally a 32, so I went with a 34. The waist is a size big, thighs are fine BUT the legs are way too skin tight. Mind you they would stretch, I can't wear these with certain sneakers and boots. And I'd have to sag...
That goes for any of SLP's 15.5's? so for the lightly destroyed if I get a 32 (which is my size in normal jeans) they should stretch?
That's a good question DS. I'm about to purchase a pair of 15.5 destroyeds this weekend. And I don't know if I should do the 32 in regular destroyed, or go with the size I'm recommended to get (a 33 or 34) in the super destroyed. I really want the regular destroyed but fear they maybe tight, and would hope they'd stretch. I'm usually a 32 in my usual go-to denim (LVC, APC, RRL).
Long shot, but does anyone know a place that still has the 15.5 destroyed denim ($675) in sizes? I'm looking for a 33 or 34.
Apologies in advance for possibly being ignorant or sounding "newbie" like, though I've been registered here for a while (mainly a lurker). But I have a few general questions, hopefully that could be answered buy the usuals. 1) Is ToJ still accepting orders and is there an official cut off date? 2) There a direct email I can begin the process? (worried that it changed since they're sort of/possibly done) 3) I remember previously on here there was a page, I'm guessing on...
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