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No light or dark grey Villains restocking this spring?
Loving the outfit pics lately.
Yeah I did the same. Ah well.
Anywhere I can still find that Acne hoody?
When it came to u-necks I usually got En Noir's essential tees. I got a JE u-neck recently in my normal size (medium) and I love the length on it, especially for layering. But, I find that neck to be a little more deep vs En Noir's. I'm wondering if sizing down would fix that?...though I'm worried I'd lose that extra length at the bottom.
New layout is much better.
GQ party last night.
Never had the "old" ones, but one of the items that came in my recent order was a Flash Dual Zip. If you want it to fit slim and fitted go with your normal size, a little more room and length go up a size.
- $38 for shipping- Slow shipping- $50 custom fees- $88 totalI love it. *sarcasm*
New Posts  All Forums: