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Yeah they're very unorganized. After speaking with them last Wednesday I still didn't receive any shipping notification after they told me to expect it in a day or two. I had to call 21 times today and finally got through, was told the item was already in transit and should arrive to the secondary addy I sent it to later today.
Thanks for that, at least I have a little background as to what's going on. I still think its poor service on their part, wouldn't think their team would be small like John Elliott. I'm just stressed/afraid because from the way it looks, if you do an online order the item isn't held or yours until its fulfilled. And considering there's only one size left (my size) in the jacket, there's a good chance it'll be sold-out by time they get to my order.EDIT: Nevermind,...
Any tips on getting in contact with APC's customer service? I made an online order on Saturday and haven't heard anything back. I'm trying to get this shipped to a friend before Christmas Eve. I'm more the type to call and speak with a rep, but I've been calling that 1-888 number of their site for the past 3 days and no one's picking up...just forwarding to an answering service.
I wonder if thats the case with the Villain I bought on Black Friday that came in last week. Trying it on in front of friends last week, they even said it looked small.
Nah. Pretty much fits the same in your pics. I'm going to take some pics this weekend.
My first Villain came in today and pretty much fits the same. I knew it was slim-fit, but it does feel a tad tight. Would like it to be a little more relaxed, especially when layering. I would probably exchange it for a Large but reading their policies I see that isn't allowed on international orders (Canada).
Looks like JE did the same for me and shipped the fastest possible to Toronto (2-3 business days), because my Black Friday package just came in. The whole ordeal was a little frustrating but glad to see they were quick to somewhat fix a part of the problem, and pulled a nice gesture by shipping it quickly.
Pretty much.With that being said, I'd like to thank Brandi and JE for taking care of my issue and going the extra mile. In my situation, the reason I haven't receive my Black Friday package yet is simply because they didn't ship it out for whatever reason and failed to tell me so, even though I received a shipping confirmation email shortly after my order with "tracking".
I'm cool for now. Like I said, I'm giving it until Friday for my package to arrive before I go ape s**t.
Yep, Toronto. But I'll keep my thoughts etc off here, don't want to get this thread off track as someone mentioned a page or two back.
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