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Talarico. Affiliate vendor Hangar Project has them here. If I had the disposable income of a university student that's what I would get. They will also include all taxes and duties in the final total billed to you so there should be no surprises when your umbrella finally finds its way home to you.
Under what conditions would you clean your shoes with soap and water? Oil based stains like food? I usually just rub a damp cloth over mine if they ask for it. Would Tide (unscented of course) work? Front Loader or handwash?
I would also like to be afforded the opportunity to rummage through my inbox as well. Thanks
Three pages and not a single mention of an austerity brogue in dark brown museum in either the F or U last? SMH.
Which two measurements did you increase to make such a dramatic change fit wise? Thigh and hem?
To be fair though, the Brooks Brothers price does include the shoe trees. Still a little pricey though unless you can get the discount to work then it becomes a much better deal. Looking forward to Leatherfoot's Edward Green offerings.
Half size down from your Barrie size?
Thanks for the picture.Looks like I'll have to go with the real deal (dover/nevis or hove/thorpe).
I made that same mistake. I was going WTF and was about to post the exact same thing you did until I read his post again just before I hit the submit button.
What's that long fabric flap at the waist of a pair of pants called? Is the correct terminology Tab? I want to specify it to be secured by a horn button instead of a metal clasp. And what does everyone think about Luxires' horn buttons?
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