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Thanks!After seeing those I think I prefer the F last version more.
What are the measurements for this? Shoulders and P2P?
Thanks!On another note does anyone one have any pictures of the norweger in U last?
Does your Viberg boot in black French calf have an unstructured toe? Boots are here.
Is that all that's available for 10/105E? And is it $100 USD or GBP?
what's the curent pricing for Vass Shell/Cordovan shoes or boots?
Thanks for the detailed response!
For comparison purposes can you list the size you took in the 773 last along with your sizes in other shoes/lasts like Edward Green/Gaziano & Girling/etc...?
How did you adjust to the larger shell fit? Order a half size down from your usual size in that particular last?
Can you recommend any stores on the continent?
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