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Does anyone know how long it takes for a package from Skoaktiebolaget to arrive in Canada via regular post (i.e - not FedEx/UPS/DHL)?
Any sport coats?
@Leaves when do you expect the second batch of the pre-order for the Gaziano & Girling Thorpe in Rustic Arran to arrive?
There's been talk about sizing for this a while back in this thread. Just search for Hikers or 240. I have a pair in size 10 which fits fine. My second pair of vibergs also in size 10 will be on the 2030 last but those are due probably end of next week or the week after so I can't compare right now. For reference I'm a 10.5E (wide) in Allen Edmonds number 5 last (Park Avenue, Strand, Cambridge).
Libertine failed? Or are you talking about the place he was working at before Libertine?
Plug it into Google translate available here and hit the audio icon to hear it pronounced.
Thanks man!
@leaves are the Skoaktiebolaget travel shoe trees hollowed out like St Cripsin's? Or are they solid and only 50% lighter in weight because of the use of super light obeche wood? Anyone else know?
It looks like loose grain.
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