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Someone below did not like the pigskin used by Gaziano & Girling. @Leaves mentioned in the past that he had pigskin Thorpes perhaps he can contribute his opinion.
Back on page 737 of this thread there was talk that Viberg was covered by NAFTA and you should not be charged any customs. @Burzan submitted some paperwork from UPS to reclaim the custom fees he was charged but I'm not sure if he ever got refunded.
Any news on who will be your new bespoke shoemaker and when you'll be offering this service??
Does Crockett & Jones shoe trees only come in whole sizes? I checked at several stockists and none of the offered any half sizes which I thought was weird.
Wrong thread. NVM.
Are they really actual silver or just silver coloured metal?
So Vass modified a last for you? Is this made through their semi-bespoke process? And was this done in person or over e-mail?
Is it 44535? It's listed here, ninth row from the top and second from the right.
Hopefully @luxire or you other fine gents can help me out with regards to getting an accurate measurement of the back rise of a pair of well fitting pants I have.On their website here (fifth picture from the top) they lay the pants flat and measure from the top of the waist band to where the seams meet like an intersection. However, the seam of the back rise on my pair of pants is not flat/straight. If I were to fold my pants along the seam/back rise it looks like a ski...
Thanks for getting back to me on those questions. If you could PM me his contact information that'd be great!
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