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Does anyone know of another Canadian stockist other than Suspension Point that will carry the memory coat? I would prefer it in navy.
I guess fashion forward is in the eye of the beholder.
Here's a thread with one person's experience with Spiros here.Another Styleforum member complained that his suits were boxy and that he didn't take direction well. I can't find that thread right now though. Pants fit great according to that same member.Edit found the post, go here.
Thank you!How did you determine your actual shoulder measurements were 17.5-17.75"? Mine are nearly identical to yours but I'm basing this on the seam to seam measurement of a MTM shirt that fits me well. The seams sits on top of the end of my shoulder bone on the back of my shoulder.Actually that was for Kyle/conceptual 4est in regards to the fabrics for the new SS Memory pre-order but now you've interested me in the Juncus too lol. I'm definitely leaning towards the navy...
Thanks for the pictures. Can you comment on the individual fabrics? On how they feel and their relative weights? Any favourites?
Would you know the shoulder measurement (seam to seam) of your size IV Juncus? You and the member below have near identical chest sizes yet are a size apart albeit you in Juncus and he in the merino.How did you determine your shoulder measurement? I'm three inches smaller than you in the chest but the shoulder measurement of my best fitting MTM shirt is similar to your shoulder measurement. Based on your measurements the shoulders would fit fine but I'd be swimming in the...
Why are people specifying Hand Welted in there Bonafe order details? Is this not standard?
How warm is this coat? How low can the temperature go before you have to layer something underneath?
I believe Edward Green now require a retailer to order three of the same shoe/boot for a restock at RTW prices. You can't order a single shoe/boot anymore.
Will the Thorpe pre-order price be affected by the G&G price increases or your own price correction due to the currency fluctuations? Or is the current listed price set in stone so to speak?
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