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Wasn't the fur also shaved shorter on the current version as well to help with shedding?
Are you comparing to Crockett & Jones? Or the upper tier of English RTW like Edward Green (non Top Shelf) and Gaziano & Girling (non-Deco)? And what's the pricing like?
Do you take the same size in the new 82 as the current 888?
Other shoes include Edward Green?
Were your packages opened for inspection by Canada Customs? I'm just wondering how they knew that the country of origin/manufacture was a non-NAFTA country and thus subject to duties/customs.I only got hit with HST this time.
Brooks Brothers? Available in-store only? I can't find the boots listed on their website.
My understanding is that they are lasted up until the toe which is generic. Nick from Bespoke England said that they were "cut to the last" if I'm remembering correctly. This doesn't apply to the Deco last though which is obviously different.
Leatherfoot finally has their Crockett & Jones collection up on their site here. $870 CDN for the Coniston boot though...
Is it correct Oak Room's shoe sizes only goes up to 9.5UK?
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