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What shoe trees are you using and how do they fit? Are those boots on the 2030 last?
Don't the ship via DHL? That will guarantee that you'll get hit with customs/duties. And what's the VAT in France, 20%?
Why did you choose those particular leathers? I have no experience with them so I'm just curious.
Just to add fuel to the fire, from the Meccariello thread:
Thanks DWFII!
Custom shoe patina artist now working in Toronto. The Toronto Star article is here.
Forgive me if this is a bit off topic.Would you know what is meant by "split at facing"? This was used to describe the defect for a pair of shoes listed as rejects/seconds by the seller. Is this something best to pass on?I googled a bit and it seems that the facing refers to the area around the eyelets but I have no idea what split means in this context.
Actually mine is two parter, measurement request and whether an item qualifies for a tailoring credit. I PM'ed you the question about the tailoring credit on the 15th. I think that should be quick and easy to answer. Could please you check your PM's or should I just e-mail that question?
Do they have any sleeker lasts? The ones in the gallery all look a bit chunk for my taste.
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