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When I asked late last year:
What's the upcharge for MTM G. Inglese and MTM Sartoria Formosa sport coat?
Did you try comparing the measurements from your new shirt to your old Luxire shirts that fit you well? I believe Luxire's margin of error is ± 0.25 inches. It could be that you hit the dubious jackpot where most of the measurements came out -0.25 inches smaller.Maybe after Luxire receives your shirt and pant you can ask them for the measurements they'll be using and just entering these numbers for future orders instead of depending on them to remember for you.
Years ago on two separate occasions I had a pair of G&G and Edward Green shipped to me from the UK via DHL and they only charged me about $10.00 each time for brokerage/processing fees which I think is reasonable and is what Canada Post charges. When you receive your package you'll see how the amount was calculated. I would be surprised if they gouged you on this fee.
Is that the final amount owed by you to DHL? It seems about right for 18% duty plus 7% PST and 5% GST (B.C.) which is actually $86.83. Usually DHL tacks on a processing fee (minimum $10.00 which is also subject to taxes). I doubt they waived it in your case so that might not be the final amount or you were taxed less than you should have been.
Someone below did not like the pigskin used by Gaziano & Girling. @Leaves mentioned in the past that he had pigskin Thorpes perhaps he can contribute his opinion.
Back on page 737 of this thread there was talk that Viberg was covered by NAFTA and you should not be charged any customs. @Burzan submitted some paperwork from UPS to reclaim the custom fees he was charged but I'm not sure if he ever got refunded.
Any news on who will be your new bespoke shoemaker and when you'll be offering this service??
Does Crockett & Jones shoe trees only come in whole sizes? I checked at several stockists and none of the offered any half sizes which I thought was weird.
Wrong thread. NVM.
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