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Thank you kindly RogerP.Can you order those lined with fur? Or is there a limitation as to which models can be fur lined? I wouldn`t mind a sleek fur lined boot maybe in some kind of grained leather.
Fist Pumps My Wallet >Gaziano & Girling has their version of a Galway though. So perhaps they can accomodate if you like that design. Pictures here. These are a pair of member JubeiSpiegel recent MTO.
How often do you guys re-apply or re-spray the suede shoes with this stuff?
What size do you take in those boots?
Edward of Manchester stocks some in F width (Hanly, Sinatra, St. James I, Grant). You can find their selection here.Just contact them first to ensure they have your size before placing your order though.
Are exchanges allowed on items purchased using this code? Say, if a pair of shoes doesn't fit and you need another size?
Even though I already have a Wigmore I'd be interested in another one. Wigmore (Here): Hatch grain (some shade of brown but navy would be interesting) Replace the medallion with a stitched wingtip like the one on the Connaught (here) HAF soles though I'm open to alternatives. Essentially a austerity brogue balmoral boot. I'm open to adding broguing as well to the wingtip and along the "throat" where the downward stitched 'V' is. Broguing could be the finer version like...
Some changes to their MTO program.
Damn! Some really nice choices in there. That would be a ten year acquisition plan for me at my current pay grade.
Anyone have a jacket in the current medium whiskey calf?
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