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Is that colour only offered for bespoke and Deco shoes? Or can regular RTW/MTO get it?
I just saw the Meermin yesterday, however I'm trying to keep my internet sizing adventures to a minimum. I already have a Vass incoming soon because I have plans for more Vass shoes. I'm also thinking of getting into Enzo Bonafe because I'm interested in their fur lined option for a winter boot and their button boots are growing on me. Plus, member Leaves mentioned that they're experimenting with duplicating the reverse vertical stitch found on Edward Green Dover/Nevis. If...
I was expecting a gif at least.
Congrats on your new shoes! Please post pictures when you receive them.
Does anyone know if Vass offers a shearling or fur lining option for their boots? Winter will be here soon.
Here are my five picks for the contest. Pale blue printed micro-corduroy button-down shirt Big John Blue Chambray Western Shirt Esemplare Reversible floral / army green down shirt Merz b. Schwanen Natural color short-sleeve 103 Henley shirt Mackintosh Yellow Dunoon handmade hooded raincoat
The only two Gaziano & Girling stockists in Toronto are Leatherfoot and John Ferrigamo (a bespoke tailor shop). I don't have any experience with John Ferrigamo but my two orders with Leatherfoot I found their communication to be lacking.
How did you tweak the fit? Or did you visit Vass in person to take advantage of their semi-bespoke service?
I would be interested in the Galway with the suede shaft and dainite soles. I wonder if the MTO fees to change the last to 888 can be waived if enough people show an interest.
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