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Libertine failed? Or are you talking about the place he was working at before Libertine?
Plug it into Google translate available here and hit the audio icon to hear it pronounced.
Thanks man!
@leaves are the Skoaktiebolaget travel shoe trees hollowed out like St Cripsin's? Or are they solid and only 50% lighter in weight because of the use of super light obeche wood? Anyone else know?
It looks like loose grain.
What are the Japanese influences? I'm not at all familiar with Japanese shoes.
Well, at least Drew's new restaurant isn't called Sam's Nashville Hot Dog. That would be taking villainy to another level. Slogan: Man's best meal.
It doesn't really move fast at all and it won't take you much time to check in daily on what's going on. Most of the time it's just a few posts a day until new information hits or the loathing for Drew boils over again.
Vibergs for Lost and Found left the factory on Monday and they expect delivery by end of the week.
New Posts  All Forums: