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Do you know if the option to have them send you try-on frames is available to Canadians? This would work for me however their website stipulates that it's USA only. Hoping perhaps that's out of date?
How do you guys determine if the glasses/frames from Warby Parker even fits prior to buying? They seem to be internet only in Canada.
It's too bad that there shoe sizing only goes up to UK9.5.
Could either of you expand on why the measurements of the memory coat is misleading and it actually fits smaller than the measurements might indicate? Is it suppose to fit slouchy?I have a 36" chest and 17.7" shoulders would a size 5 work? From NMWA website a size five (smallest size left in "Night") is 48" chest and 18.9" shoulders which I think is way too big but dare to dream right? The only Schneider piece I own is a shirt jacket in size 5 and it fits me pretty slim....
Why do you want to remove the topy? It won't look any better with them removed. Soles of shoes always look like shit after some wear.
Could you not have used a shoe horn to insert the shoetrees?
I'm glad to hear someone had a positive experience with them. What have you commissioned so far?
Check out this thread : Custom Suiting Toronto
It looks like you got hit with 18% customs/duties. What is the break down of the fees? Is it like below?Price of jacket = $200.00Customs/duties (18%) = $ 36.00HST (13%) = $ 30.68CP processing fee = $ 10.00Total = $276.68Did the package clearly state that the jacket was manufactured in the USA? If so then yeah you should definitely contest it. You should get back $36.00 in customs and duties as...
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