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Don't the ship via DHL? That will guarantee that you'll get hit with customs/duties. And what's the VAT in France, 20%?
Why did you choose those particular leathers? I have no experience with them so I'm just curious.
Just to add fuel to the fire, from the Meccariello thread:
Thanks DWFII!
Custom shoe patina artist now working in Toronto. The Toronto Star article is here.
Forgive me if this is a bit off topic.Would you know what is meant by "split at facing"? This was used to describe the defect for a pair of shoes listed as rejects/seconds by the seller. Is this something best to pass on?I googled a bit and it seems that the facing refers to the area around the eyelets but I have no idea what split means in this context.
Actually mine is two parter, measurement request and whether an item qualifies for a tailoring credit. I PM'ed you the question about the tailoring credit on the 15th. I think that should be quick and easy to answer. Could please you check your PM's or should I just e-mail that question?
Do they have any sleeker lasts? The ones in the gallery all look a bit chunk for my taste.
What's the turn around time for e-mail inquiries? I sent it on the 10th and bumped it again on the 13th.
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