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Thank you all for your reply gents. Greatly appreciated.
My sincerest apologizes. It seems my query was very poorly worded. I did not in any way mean to suggest that you were gouging/misleading your customers. The differences between the two level of handwork is helpfully and clearly stated on the respective product pages of both type of shirts on your website. I can fully appreciate that the additional handwork will cost more as there is substantially more man hours spent constructing the garment. I was just interested in the...
Fit looks good. Full canvas? Is the suit made on site or is it manufactured elsewhere?Can you share with us the price range for suits and sport coats CMT and otherwise?
Roger, what do you do to prepare your boots for the rough Canadian winter? And to keep them looking good through out the season with all the slush and salt? Sno-seal?
Is there an appreciable difference between 'full' hand made G. Inglese shirts and the partially hand made ones other than price? Do the 'full' hand made ones last longer, fit better or drape better? Or is it only psychological? I'm just wondering if the price difference is worth it.
Those boots looks good. What is your size in the hanwag gruntens versus the Vass boots?I'm a 43.5 F(normal width) in Vass' F last and a size 10 in Viberg's 2030 last. Unfortunately there's no retailer near me to try the Hanwag's on.
Looks like they took over Bulloch Custom Tailors old location when Stan and Italo went into semi retirement.
Eidos makes some great looking coats but they're money. Check them out here, here and here as a few examples.
Do you have a link to this particular shirt so the rest of us can take this into consideration when choosing the size?Is it this shirt?
Thank you!
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