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What do you mean next in line? I thought they were all going to be made and sent out in one big batch?To be fair this thread probably isn't a fun place for Drew to be anymore. Of course that's kind of his fault.His new baby is Libertine so TOJ customers are like second class citizens. We get the table scraps. We're probably the last thing he thinks about. No need to worry or sweat it since he's got all our money in full.Link to his instagram? Or is it private?Crowdfund a...
What's the wait time for a refund? Up to a month now?
Thank you!I'm going to give your techniques a try the next time I polish my shoes.
Thanks guys. I'm just curious what goodies they'll be offering and at what price point. I'll keep an eye on their website.
How long does it take to rub the wax/water combination from hazy to clear? And if you can't achieve clarity should you add more water? More wax?Once you've achieved clarity how long do you wait to apply the next wax/water combination? How do you know when it's dry and ready for the next coat? How many coats on average do you need?
Do either of you know approximately when Leatherfoot will start carrying Edward Green and Alden?
Does that work on Alden's Kudu leather?Is the point of the warm water simply to heat up the leather? Wouldn't a hair dryer be more easy and affective?
Is the toe partially structured or completely unstructured?
You can send them in to Viberg to be re-soled when needed. I'm not sure of the price though, perhaps someone can chime in?
If you're interested in making women's leather bags you should mosey on over to the Purse Forum (here). Styleforum's spiritual sister site. There are women there spending over 20K on Hermes bags. They can give you a good sounding board on what type of bags women want.For the mocha soft briefcase what colour lining would it have?
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