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Did Canada Post leave a note on your door about where to pick it up? If not you may be SOL'ed especially if that other party accepted your parcel. Did Canada Post's website indicate that it was at least delivered to your city? Best bet would be to call Canada Post ASAP to see what's up. And contact the seller to confirm the shipping address they used.Hopefully everything works out for you.
Think about how much more pleased you'll be with a ~15% discount/refund. If the mistake was on their end they should make it up to you by either giving you a partial refund or a re-make. All it'll take is an e-mail from you to the retailer. You have nothing to lose. And you can use that partial refund to fund more Saint Crispins .
What temperature range is the Hemingway safari jacket good for?
When does the sale season begin in Japan?
If the solution to no stretch marks is simply to use more hides have you considered offering this option with a suitable upcharge? This nit seems to be picked with some regularity.
Thanks for the response. I sent you a PM.
Who's your tailor if you don't mind me asking?
What are some of the most awesome slept on stuff?
Did anyone receive any natural chromexel service boots from Lost and Found in the last week or so? My pair is at least a shade or two darker than the last batch they received last October (here). It looks like the colour here. I like the colour but was looking forward to breaking in the natural chromexel and see how it ages. I can't see the current boot getting any darker. On a side note it looks like Viberg updated their box to black with silver foil used for the letters.
Your post reminded me that you had asked me a while ago to let you know how the hikers I have fit in comparison to a pair of 2030 service boots that was on their way to me at the time. I completely forgot and did not reply. I'm truly sorry about that. In hindsight that may have worked in your favour. I found the hikers fit just a smidge more snug width wise. There's no way I could have sized down from my 2030 size. I take the same size in both the 240 and 2030 last.
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