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What are the measurements for this? Shoulders and P2P?
Thanks!On another note does anyone one have any pictures of the norweger in U last?
Does your Viberg boot in black French calf have an unstructured toe? Boots are here.
Is that all that's available for 10/105E? And is it $100 USD or GBP?
what's the curent pricing for Vass Shell/Cordovan shoes or boots?
Thanks for the detailed response!
For comparison purposes can you list the size you took in the 773 last along with your sizes in other shoes/lasts like Edward Green/Gaziano & Girling/etc...?
How did you adjust to the larger shell fit? Order a half size down from your usual size in that particular last?
Can you recommend any stores on the continent?
Are those Stephan Schneider shirts meant to be worn tucked in or untucked?
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