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Any update on this issue?I was planning on getting some Vass in antique cognac and I have some Saphir mid-brown wax polish I was going to use so this is concerning to me. I'm surprised that a wax would leave such a dark/black dis-colouration as usually it's the creams that have the higher pigment content.
How light is brandy shell? A medium or a light brown?
You could make the Formosa odd jackets MTO like what you're doing with the MTO Rotas. This way you won't need to risk stocking products that won't sell or have to commit capital upfront.
I'm interested in this. Besides black which is a classic colour what would be a good colour for a double rider? I already own a black TOJ moto so I'm looking for another colour. Dark navy? A medium or lighter brown?
Is there any word on the new exotic leather you mentioned in your first post of this thread?
I have a shirt jacket in Sobiati linen can I wash this in a washing machine? Or does it need to be dry cleaned?
@gdl203, for the Stephan Schneider shirt jackets the garment care label indicates to handwash it however, can I machine wash it using either the delicate or handwash cycle on my washing machine?
Shirt jackets or something else?
Do stores jack up prices if they know you have insurance to help pay for a pair of glasses? I'm just wondering if this is a legitimate concern.
Thanks for that information. It's good to hear from someone that takes the same size as oneself. Looks like a 10 would be a little risky however, I believe Viberg allows returns so that mitigates the risk somewhat. Funny thing is with all this talk about UK sizing I'm actually a solid UK10 in Edward Green 888 last and Gaziano & Girling's TG73 last. Regular width in both.
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