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Very nice!London tan is a classic and red is a head turner but I went with racing green. Subtle and striking at the same time imho of course.
Which colour?
What was customs and duties like? I'm in Canada as well and am thinking hard about a possible purchase.
Just make sure you trust the person doing the translation. You can end up like that television show Homeland that hired some Arabic graffiti artists to add some verisimilitude and instead they wrote "Homeland is racist" and other insults. Here.Maybe have someone translate it to Korean and have another unrelated person translate it back to you. And send both the Korean and English version.
If you don't mind sharing could you let me know what your actual physical chest measurement is? I'm trying to decide between a 3 or 4 for the memory coat. I have a 36 inch chest. I originally thought a size 4 would do but chest measurement for that is about 45 inches which might be a touch large for me.
Canada Post?
Are the Thorpes in rustic arran from Skoaktiebolget? Do you know when they're suppose to arrive?
They did teased the Corthay on Instagram here.Agreed the state of the Canadian dollar is turning everything into a luxury item. On the plus side it is encouraging me to save more.
What size was it?
I have no idea who the tailor is but at those prices they are really going to have to work hard selling it. That's a lot of cash to drop on an unknown tailor.
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