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Is that colour only offered for bespoke and Deco shoes? Or can regular RTW/MTO get it?
I just saw the Meermin yesterday, however I'm trying to keep my internet sizing adventures to a minimum. I already have a Vass incoming soon because I have plans for more Vass shoes. I'm also thinking of getting into Enzo Bonafe because I'm interested in their fur lined option for a winter boot and their button boots are growing on me. Plus, member Leaves mentioned that they're experimenting with duplicating the reverse vertical stitch found on Edward Green Dover/Nevis. If...
I was expecting a gif at least.
Congrats on your new shoes! Please post pictures when you receive them.
Does anyone know if Vass offers a shearling or fur lining option for their boots? Winter will be here soon.
Here are my five picks for the contest. Pale blue printed micro-corduroy button-down shirt Big John Blue Chambray Western Shirt Esemplare Reversible floral / army green down shirt Merz b. Schwanen Natural color short-sleeve 103 Henley shirt Mackintosh Yellow Dunoon handmade hooded raincoat
The only two Gaziano & Girling stockists in Toronto are Leatherfoot and John Ferrigamo (a bespoke tailor shop). I don't have any experience with John Ferrigamo but my two orders with Leatherfoot I found their communication to be lacking.
How did you tweak the fit? Or did you visit Vass in person to take advantage of their semi-bespoke service?
I would be interested in the Galway with the suede shaft and dainite soles. I wonder if the MTO fees to change the last to 888 can be waived if enough people show an interest.
Unfortunately that black CC does nothing for me. I'd be interested in a version where the whole boot was in antique bronze.
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