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Thanks for the reply Despos.I am a bit hippy. Hip measurement is close to 38 inches. And single pleats and two inch cuffs are my personal preference. So I guess it's safer to go with 2m?
About 5'11" and between 160 -170 lbs. Waist is about 32Unfortunately I'm between tailors at the moment so hoping some of you here can help me out in terms of how much fabric I'd need for a pair of pants.
It's possible that the seller thought it was colour 8 cordovan instead of colour 8 chromexcel.
Actually, only the first six shoes needed to reach the minimum are restricted to a single width. Any shoes over that limit can be any width.Leaves can correct me if I'm wrong.
So black pants would work?So something to provide contrast?Funny you should mention that...Thanks guys, I'm going to think about this.
How much deeper would you gentlemen recommend for pockets? A couple of inches?
I would be interested. How much would you need for trousers for someone of average height and weight? 1.5 M?
What would you wear with the Niche western shirt? What colour of pants would be acceptable? I was thinking jeans but I only have indigo denim so that may look like a wall of blue.
For the large wallet I see four slots for cards and a coin purse. Are there any other compartments?
Depending on where a product is manufactured Kirby probably needs to pay duties/customs fees to import them into the U.S.A for sale while the other retailor may not have to. These extra costs will be factored into the price.
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