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Does Vass actually call that shade of brown cigar? I thought that was an exclusive to Alden.
What was your order number for those of use who want to duplicate that collar on our next order?
Charly, how many outstanding TOJ orders are there? Not including the bags or wallets. Just to give us a sense of scale and a little perspective.
Thanks gents.Unfortunately Leffot doesn`t currently carry my size or last.I did previously contact Skoaktieboleget but they don`t carry them.
@gdl203 How do you ship the umbrellas so that they're not snapped in half during transit?
Just worked for me.
What's the going rate for Gaizano & Girling shoe trees? I got quoted £180.00 incl. VAT. So, £150 without VAT. This is direct from them as well. Also, they now offer them in red which I'd love to see pictures of. Any one has a source for their shoe trees at a more reasonable price?
Have you compared it with the Gaziano & Girling Hove?
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