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What's the ETA again on that balmoral shell boot? Was it September or October?
Are these shirts meant to be worn tucked in or out?
Will the shirt be completely machine sewn or will there be hand sewing (shoulders/button holes/etc...) involved? Will the buttons be shanked or sewn on flat like most shirts?
Showcase Canada has the videos on their website but I'm not sure if people outside of Canada are IP blocked.
Try here.
What about these?If you have something specific in mind just e-mail them and they can probably accommodate you. They're a forum affiliate and the owner seems very open to making custom pieces.
What's the difference between the Waterloc sole and the Cork Neoprene Sole? Are they different names for the same thing? In pictures the waterloc sole looks a little darker but it could just be the picture. I need a sole for wet weather.
Thanks, it looks like I still prefer our balmoral MTO. I'm going to have to put in my deposit before the deadline.
You might want to double check this. The Alden MTO's we have with Epaulet and Leffot were restricted from being shipped internationally (US and Canada only) which we found out about after the pre-orders were initiated. I was under the impression that this was a recent new policy from Alden. Both Epaulet and Leffot ship plenty of other stuff internationally so it doesn't make sense for it to be a store policy that they both coincidentally implemented simultaneously. They...
Can you tell me more about this? Is it a balmoral or derby style lacing? Leather or rubber soles? Which last? Any pictures? So, this arrives at your store in the middle of July? And what price are we talking about?
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