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Thanks for the tip about the low instep/arch. How does one know whether they have a low instep/arch? For further reference other shoes/lasts I fit fine in are Allen Edmonds No. 5 (Park Avenue/Strand) and Crockett & Jones 348 last.
Ideally I'd get one, but vacuum sealers can be pretty pricey so I was hoping I could get by without one. I'm just thinking about playing around with it at this point. Anyone know what's the drawback of a DIY vacuum (via squeezing) to Sous Vide? Okay, stupid question alert, but what's the purpose of a vacuum in sous vide? Does it somehow aid in cooking the ingredients properly?
If I'm a UK10E in both Edward Green (888 last) and Gaziano & Girling (TG73 last) what size would I be in Carmina's Forest last? Anyone with any experience with this last?
Do you really need a vacuum sealer for sous vide? I've seen videos on the net where someone just shoves the ingredients into a ziplock plastic bag, squeeze as much air out of it by hand, zip it up and throw it into the water bath. Anyone have any experience with the equipment sold on this website: Fresh Meal Solutions?
Looks like I'm back in on this boot.What last will it be on? At first it was going to be Robert but then a poll was initiated and it looked like it was going to be on the Forest last.
Actually, that's the price for a pair. So, really only $56 a pair. But still not cheap by any means.Zimmerli has a pair of $164 underwear here.
I sent a PM to member kgmessier who spearheaded our drive for this MTO and he's confirmed that it's definitely still a go.
If you're in Toronto Garrison Bespoke carries Dashing Tweeds here. I have no idea about their prices though.
Does anyone have an update on the Ravello cap toe boot collaboration with Leffot that was set up earlier in this thread? Is it still a go? If not I might jump in on the #4 boot instead.
+3What happened to chestnut???
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