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Shirt jackets or something else?
Do stores jack up prices if they know you have insurance to help pay for a pair of glasses? I'm just wondering if this is a legitimate concern.
Thanks for that information. It's good to hear from someone that takes the same size as oneself. Looks like a 10 would be a little risky however, I believe Viberg allows returns so that mitigates the risk somewhat. Funny thing is with all this talk about UK sizing I'm actually a solid UK10 in Edward Green 888 last and Gaziano & Girling's TG73 last. Regular width in both.
@arahat You have me on the list for an austerity brogue and a brogued wingtip because I couldn't decide. Well I'm going with the brogued wingtip. Could you remove the austerity brogue? Can you also update my order as per below? I'm either going with dark brown calf or antique cognac shell so if you can give me a price quote for both that would be great. wingtip brogue oxford, size 43.5, F-last, dark brown calf or antique cognac shell, seamless heel counter.
Are you saying that the 2030 won't work for people with E widths? I take a 10.5E in Allen Edmonds 5 last. On the alden Trubalance last a 10.5 D fits okay but a 10E would probably be better. I was hoping to get away with a 10 in the 2030 as some have commented that in their Barrie size it was still roomy. Would I be better off in a 10.5?
You can have Equus make the belt with Chicago screws to do just that. Please see here.
I don't think 19 inches would work for me. Too big.Where should the shoulder seam on a jacket sit relative to the end of you shoulder bone? For shirts I believe it's common wisdom that the shoulder seam should sit on the end of your shoulder bone.
That's interesting. Member stmaier received a pair of antique cognac shell that's definitely more of a mid brown.
Thanks for your response, I was interested in the calf.
I like it. What's the upcharge for one? And what widths will you be offering?
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