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Beautiful shoes RogerP. And in -10 °C (feels like - 20 °C) weather no less. You are a far braver man than I.
Leaves, can you confirm the bolded part? I thought Edward Green only had shearling in the shaft of the boots?Also, how does Edward Green shearling compare with the shearling from Carmina and Enzo Bonafe?
Preferably in the Richmond Hill or surrounding area. It can also be downtown around the Union Station area.Thanks.
Young Pro, how would you describe Bulloch's house cut? Is he flexible on what details you can request? What fabrics does he carry? He's only a 15-20 minute walk from work so I'm considering commissioning a sport coat from him.
The very first post of this thread has sizing recommendations based solely on the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue.
I agree with member sevenfoldtieguy, the forest green suede as shown looks, at least on my screen to be rather cartoonish. This is all IMHO of course. Perhaps pictures just doesn't do it justice?
Can you elaborate on that? I've always heard that Vass was an excellent value and was considering adding a pair to my rotation in the near future.
Can you recommend an authorized Kio Yamato dealer in the Greater Toronto Area? There website doesn't seem to offer the ability to search for authorized dealers. I'm also considering Salt Optics for my next pair of glasses. In this price range are there any other eyeglass frame manufacturers that stand out as particularly nice that I should consider as well?
Just how warm is this shearling lined boot? Would it be good to -10 degrees Celsius? I may be interested in this GMTO.
Did you just get unlucky and received a bad pair or is this a known issue with Vass glued on rubber soles?
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