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That was brutal. It was like watching the USA vs Canada Womens Olympic hockey in the gold medal match.
You and me both.
The fact that we can't get even one GMTO off the ground to take advantage of Gaziano & Girling's current MTO pricing structure before it ends does not auger well for it's return. It's probably why he let it die. Simply not enough consensus.
Is that goyser welt purely decorative? It looks like it's floating above the real welt to my admittedly untrained eye.
Leaves, can Bonafe duplicate the vertical reverse (?) stitch at the front tip of Edward Green's Dover/Nevis? I'm talking about the stitching that makes it a split toe.
If Vass is okay with two tone and single in one GMTO then I may be interested. My shoe wardrobe is no where near well developed to justify multi-toned shoes. Does anyone know what's the price delta/savings gained by going through a GTMO rather than ordering it as a single MTO?
The pictures I've seen of Carmina's split toe looks like two pieces of leather stitched together whereas the Dover looks like the stitching is under the leather. If you can get it Carmina to duplicate it exactly please do let me know.
Thanks! Good to have confirmation that someone takes a 10E in the Tru-Balance and a 10 in 2030.
Sorry for another 2030 sizing question. It seems the consensus is to take the same size as your Barrie/Tru-balance size. However, I take a10E (wide) in the Trubalance. Would a 10 in the 2030 work or should I size up to 10.5?
With MTM can you specify what you want for the rise? The stock Rota's you carry have a rise that's too short for my preference.
New Posts  All Forums: