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I know that you organized the MTO Ravello Captoe boot order with Leffot so I hope you don't mind if I direct this question to you. On Leffot's webshop we are greeted with the following message for all Alden products:For example go here.Does this mean that all international subscribers to this MTO are screwed?This restriction is pretty recent as it wasn't there the last time I checked out their webshop a couple weeks back.
Please keep us updated if you do decide to commission a pair from him.What's his selection of leather/suede like? And how do they compare to G&G leather?Contact information for Nasser is below based on what I could glean from a google search.Hand Made Shoes93 Lewis st.Toronto, OntarioM4M 2H2CanadaPhone Number: (416) 778-7012Contact Name: Nasser Vies
That is one sexy shoe tree.Could you educate us on what those markings are for?
Good to see the Italian line & raised is still an option.
When did they start offering these beauties? And what was the price?Edit: Horween Cordovan?
Pardon my curiosity but what did you get hit with in terms of customs/duties and brokerage fees? I believe Bespoke England uses Royal Mail which then passes it on to Canada Post once the package enters Canada..
Member Luk-Cha has a pair in pigskin here.
Boo on the OP for not supplying a link to the original article.Link is here: Toronto’s boot maker to the stars: Nasser ViesQuoted below for the lazy.Forum member Doxe was considering him at one time but I don't know if he actually went through with it.Nasser does post some of his work on DWF's cordwainer website.
Does the price Garrison Bespoke quoted you include the cloth as well?
What does the the first picture show? It just looks like the shirt is coming apart at the seams.
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