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Nevis > Halifax > Dover
Are there going to be any restocks of the Portuguese Flannel or is that it for the season?And are these shirts suppose to be worn tucked or untucked?
Thanks man.Can anyone comment on how colour 8 chromexel looks in real life? From the members recent pictures here it looks very bright red. However, on Viberg's site and the site of their stockists that carry this it looks like a deeper and darker burgundy which I prefer. The bright reddish colour is a dealbreaker for me.
Is that colour 8 chromexel on the right?
Fok, what shipping service do you use to ship to Canada? USPS? I'm just gauging my odds of being hit with 18% duties.
Thanks for the reply.Any Canadians try to order? Viberg's made in Canada and they're charging me $115.20 in duties? This is not including tax ($98.18).
What last are those viberg boots on Mr. Porter? 2030? Unstructured toe?
Are the prices on Vibergs on their (Brooklyn Clothing Co.) website in USD or Canadian?
That does help. Thanks!
Is it standard for Gaziano & Girling shoes to have non-reinforced eyelets? On the pairs I have they're just holes punched through the leather. On my Allen Edmonds even though the eyelets are blind (can't see them from the outside) on the back it's reinforced with a metal eyelet.
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