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List of remaining sample shoes are below. Both the 10 and 10.5 Arrans are gone. Special shout out to the Hove in brown cordovan. A half size larger and they would've been mine. [[SPOILER]]
What leather conditioner would you recommend if you weren't faced with those constraints?
How would you care for that kind of leather? Regular cream polish?
They'll send you a Vanson fit jacket internationally if you make a purchase. I believe it's only $60.00. Well worth it if you feel you need one.
That would've been me if I had been quicker last year.
Thanks. That's what I thought but was hoping otherwise.
Is that Vass? And is that their regular apron stitching?
I like cotton pants as well. Do you get them bespoke or MTM? I was wondering if you have any fabric books/mills to recommend for cotton pants..
I thought you couldn't ship Vanson fit jackets internationally?
Oh, so you only want the calf/leather used in the Deco models but not the upgraded construction details used in the Deco range? So, this isn't an Arran made to Deco standards? What's does the Deco calf leather offer that their ordinary leather does not?
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