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In various different threads and posts some Toronto based members mentioned that Trend Custom Tailors were now offering bespoke shoes so I decided to investigate a little further. Below is the reply I got from Don Lee.The price includes the last which is made in England with Springline being one of their suppliers.The only 'review' of them I can find online is here.Has any styleforum members tried them yet?The price seems more than reasonable.
Keith, I just PM'ed you to confirm that I'm on the order list for the Ravello cap toe boot order.
Really? They are considered to be more dressy. To be clear pics below to illustrate exactly what I'm talking about: [[SPOILER]]
Alden has the pattern for a lazy-man chukka but no pattern for a balmoral boot?
Why are you looking for a group order for the Galway? Edward Green will happily make any shoe/boot you want in your choice of leather and detail. It will however be an MTO with the associated upcharge. However, I believe that this upcharge is usually waived during their trunk shows. Contact your local Edward Green retailers to see if they'll be hosting one any time soon.Hope that helps.
I've never associated dark shirts with fun. Fun shirts are loud, bright and maybe in a crazy pattern. An FU shirt turns that to 11.
It just occurred to me that If you had told me this before I found styleforum I would have told you to GTFO and looked at you like you were crazy for considering that to be "priced so damn low" .Now, I'm just nodding my head sagaciously in agreement thinking "You know, that is a good price".
Just curious, how much do they go for?
Is there an option to use the measurements from your best fitting shirt? Most MTM shirt outfits allow this.
So, we can expect our boots by the end of 2012 or early 2013?
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