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Who's Razor and what's his contact information? And was the €95 shipping for one pair of shoes?
What's that white fringe/frill on the edge of the placket on the shirt you're wearing below? I've never seen anything like that before. [[SPOILER]] Edit: Hmmm... Darn it, quote doesn't seem to work. I'm referrring to post #78 above
How much is the upcharge for MTO?
I'm going to pass this pre-order on to my grandchildren for the LOL's.Does anyone have any news on the status of the Whiskey Shell Cordovan Wingtip (Plaza Last) Boot Preorder with Epaulet? I put down my deposit about a year ago.
Hey MikeI received an e-mail out of the blue which turns out to be an invoice claiming to be from Epaulet, can you confirm whether or not it's legitimate?I sent you a PM on this.
What was the cost of the G&G sole insert?And congrats on getting the shoes to fit.
The Rain Shield More here.
[[SPOILER]] Are those horn or plastic buttons?
Well, I ordered at the cut-off, paid at the cut-off and have made no changes to my order.Sigh, it'll get done when it gets done. Perfection cannot be rushed and I can wait just a little while longer. I'm hoping I'll get it in time for Christmas. Drew, do you offer gift wrapping services? A leather-bound box with a red ribbon would be awesome.
I have one of your belts along with the conditioner and I'm curious about when you should start conditioning the belt? Right from the start or only after some wear?
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