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Actually it should be http://shoplostfound.com/Their online selection is here.
I'm a 10.5 in Allen Edmonds' number 5 last and the length with respect to the ball of the foot is pretty spot on. In Gaziano and Girling's TG73 last I'm a UK10 and the length is just about perfect. Just keep in mind that everybody's feet are different.
Why do you have to be white/caucasion to pull off a jacket in Toffee tan?
Thanks man. Peanut butter, mmmmm.
Which picture if any best captures the true colour? Is it closer to a mid brown or a light brown?
Do you carry any Saphir suede protector?
I believe Carmina uses shell from Horween just like Alden. There's nothing special about Alden shell apart from #8 to which they add their own dye/pigment on top of Horween regular burgandy finishing. Don't drink the Kool-Aid. There are other shoe makers capable of making beautiful shell boots and shoes. However, if a colour is rare then it doesn't matter which shoemaker it is, they can't make it if they can't get their hands on that particular shell colour. It's been...
Is this the Ravello cap toe boot from Leffot and the Whiskey wing tip from Epaulet? I'm in on both myself. I wonder how many people are left on both lists. It could be down to just you and me. If the numbers drop below the minimum needed hopefully the respective vendors will pick up the rest for their own stock instead of letting it get cancelled which would suck for those of us who have waited so long.Someone mentioned that Epaulet was cautiously optimistic for a year end...
Curious why you went with the Olive Green over the Toffee Tan/Bright Whiskey? I was thinking about the Olive Green vs Toffee Tan myself.
Hey Drew and TOJ crew.With TOJ winding down is there any particular leathers from the current selection that stands out as being particularly nice? I realize you've touched on this in the past but with the volatility of your supply chain with some of the leathers I figured it couldn't hurt to get a updated assessment. Also, is channel/diamond quilt available only for the bcdr?
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