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Do you have a link to the new Vass website?
Looks like we're in the same boat. My shoes were ready back near the beginning of August but I'm waiting for those 3 piece shoe trees. Notch mentioned the third week of September.
Did Robert Jones offer any special promotions as part of the trunk show?
Seller's name is Dean, I just used enquiries@gazianogirling.comDid you get the shoes yet? I'm wondering if you could notice any issues with them that caused them to be considered seconds. The reject reason for those were "Good" meaning no obvious flaws according to Dean.
Really? Probably a communication issue as I got that list about a week after your enquiry. Unless Dean is sending me a box of rocks.
Hmmm. I got this a little less than a week ago. When did you contact them?
List of remaining sample shoes are below. Both the 10 and 10.5 Arrans are gone. Special shout out to the Hove in brown cordovan. A half size larger and they would've been mine. [[SPOILER]]
What leather conditioner would you recommend if you weren't faced with those constraints?
How would you care for that kind of leather? Regular cream polish?
They'll send you a Vanson fit jacket internationally if you make a purchase. I believe it's only $60.00. Well worth it if you feel you need one.
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