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Great advise! I forgot about that. I'm interested in cotton pants though so it won't matter that much since if you let out the seams you can see the holes made by the old stitching. Wool however, hides these holes quite well.Ouch. What did you think went wrong? I have a pair of tailored pants that fit well that I'm using as the template.Double ouch. That certainly cools my interest somewhat. However, with courier companies you're guaranteed to get hit. If the pair of...
[[SPOILER]] Did this Bonafe MTO ever get off the ground? I'm just curious if the participants have received their boots and what their experience with the fur lining was. Is it warm? Durability? Would they recommend it? Any negatives to having fur lined boots?
Leaves, does this mean that for group MTO's only the first six or whichever minimum it is for a given manufacturer has to be the same width but any subsequent pairs over that minimum can be any width?
With the Rota MTM can you specify any measurement you want including the front rise? Your current selection has a front rise that's a little low for my liking. And will it be open to people who can't attend your trunk show?
Can you or anyone else with this jacket post fit pics? What are the number of ways it can be worn? I'm getting really curious about it. Pictures don't really make it out to be anything special.
I'm close to putting in an order for a pair of pants and I'm wondering if anyone who had previously ordered a pair would care to share any hard won pearls of wisdom? Tips and tricks to measuring, what you wished you'd known before placing your first order, etc... I guess I just want to make sure I don't miss anything. If I want the cuffs to be buttoned do I need to specify this or is this standard?
Was the Nevis on the 606 last? How does it fit compared to your other Edward Green shoes? Do you take the same size? Member sevenfoldtieguy mentioned that it was at least a half size larger than the same size in his Dover also on the 606 last.
Thanks! I would never have thought to even check that page.
Leaves, do you have any plans for a Edward Green Dover or Gaziano & Girling Hove in the near future? Something in dark brown?
I like the height of that shirt collar but I'm wondering how comfortable is it? is it covering your adam's apple or sitting just below it?
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