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Do it!!!
What size are you in Vass F last and in other shoes? The only reason I'm considering a wide in Vass is that I'm a E width/wide in US sizing. However, in UK sizing I'm a regular width as I mentioned earlier.
Interesting to see that they have now developed their own version of Edward Green's Galway boot. With Edward Green currently refusing to make the Galway on anything other than the 82 and 64 last this would be a good alternative for those who wanted it on the 888.Edit: D'oh! RogerP beat me to it.
Ron, for the Nano Protector how often should it be re-applied? My retailer recommended after every couple of wears which seems a little excessive to me. I've been using it on a pair of suede chukkas.
Thank you for that detailed reply Mr. Six.
Good to see you branching out into clothing. Do you have any plans to bring any other bespoke makers to your store? Mina Adamo/Napoli Su Misura perhaps?
Are those sizes for an E (regular) width? If yes then I take the exact same size as you in Gaziano & Girling and Edward Green. I'm a UK10E on Carmina's Forest last in a boot. From all the reading I've done I'm surprised that a 44 in the U last was too large. Were they too large both in terms of length and width?Please let us know how a 43.5 fits you when you get it. It would really help me to determine my size in Vass. By the way do you have any experience with the F last?
For those of you who ordered shoes from Bespoke England with a 3 month wait, did you pay the full amount up front immediately? Or will your credit card be charged only when the shoes are ready to be shipped?
If you don't mind me asking what's your size in other shoes? I've narrowed down my size to 43.5 so far. I realize that's not your size but I'm just trying to see if I'm at least in the right postal code. Buying Vass for a first timer is a bit nerve wracking.
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