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Gorgeous boots! How did you even know about the heavy stitch option?
Thanks for the reply Leaves. I sent a query to Edward Green as well and they seem to dis-agree. I've put their response in quotes below.
How water resistant is waxed flesh? Can it be worn in the rain? Does anyone have a side view of the 2045 last with the unstructured toe? Will it have a similar profile like the unstructured toe of the 110 lasted boot shown here? I've seen pictures of 2045 lasted boots with structured toes where it looks like there's a little circular ridge at the tip of the nose of the boot which is not my cup of tea at all.
How much would shipping be to Canada? Would it be via USPS? Assuming that Viberg's factory is in Canada can they ship directly from the factory to the Canadians in this GMTO?
Leaves, can you confirm that the shearling is only in the vamp (Rosewood Country Calf Galway MTO)? Someone in the Edward Green thread indicates that his is in the shaft. I'm interested in this but shearling in the shaft is a non-starter for me as I prefer it to warm my feet and toes rather than my ankles.
Forum Affiliate No Man Walks Alone is in New York and carries a buttero side zip here.Affiliate thread can be found here.
Thank you kind sir. Though, now I'm a little confused. Affiliate vendor Skoaktiebolaget is doing a MTO for a Galway in Rosewood Country Calf and lined with shearling in the vamp not the shaft (spoilered link below), when I asked for confirmation they indicated that it has always been in the vamp not the shaft. I guess I'll follow up with them again to confirm. Perhaps Edward Green gives you the option as to where to put the shearling?By the way how do you find the...
Can anyone with Galways lined in shearling comment on where it's located? Is it in the shaft or the vamp (covering the foot and toes)?
Thanks for the reply Leaves. I was only enquiring as I had thought I read somewhere that Edward Green only lined the shaft of the boot in shearling and the only pictures I can find shows the shaft fully lined. Google search here. Having the shearling in the vamp is much more useful than in the shaft in my opinion.What kind of fur does Carmina and Bonafe use?
I'm pretty nooby about suit details but what kind of pockets should a barchetta (breast pocket) be paired with? Are barchetta's more formal than patch pockets which are pretty casual I believe.It's the perfect shape for a horseshoe.
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