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You can get those in stingray leather if you're a real baller. Link here. It seems every year or so Sorel has a premium version of their classic Caribou boot.
What's the reasoning behind the choice of the flat welt? By full eyelets (matching) do you mean blind eyelets (no metal eyelets)?
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Does anyone know how much she charges for a leather belt in calf?Edit: Never mind. Found it on her website.Does anyone have any pictures of her belts? How do they compare to other belt makers like House of Fleming?
Are those Carmina Shoe trees or your own trees?
What are they charging for Alden's over there? And what other shoes are you comparing the leather quality to? Edward Green?
Asking a forum full of men isn't going to help you. You need a woman's perspective. I suggest you post this question over at our 'sister' site Purse Forum. If you actually do post this question over there please post a link here so we can all follow along. You can even post fit pics of your prospective interview outfit to gauge their reaction. That should be interesting.And dressing conservatively will never hurt you in an interview. Why take any chances?Trying to dress in...
I don't know if I'd spend that kind of cash on suede. Is there much noticeable difference in the quality of suede used in upper tier shoe brands like G&G or Edward Green compared to that used in a mid tier brand like Crockett & Jones?
Please post a review if/when you do.I know right? He did say it generally starts at $600 Cdn though. Perhaps they have different grades of calf skin that increases the price as you go up the line in quality?Don confirmed that the price does include the last. I don't think you get to keep the last. Typically bespoke tailors/cordwainers won't allow this.Actually, I committed to Jon Gray as well so my bespoke shoe budget has already been spoken for this year. It's possible...
I'm just curious why you chose pig skin over calf skin?
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