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I'm close to putting in an order for a pair of pants and I'm wondering if anyone who had previously ordered a pair would care to share any hard won pearls of wisdom? Tips and tricks to measuring, what you wished you'd known before placing your first order, etc... I guess I just want to make sure I don't miss anything. If I want the cuffs to be buttoned do I need to specify this or is this standard?
Was the Nevis on the 606 last? How does it fit compared to your other Edward Green shoes? Do you take the same size? Member sevenfoldtieguy mentioned that it was at least a half size larger than the same size in his Dover also on the 606 last.
Thanks! I would never have thought to even check that page.
Leaves, do you have any plans for a Edward Green Dover or Gaziano & Girling Hove in the near future? Something in dark brown?
I like the height of that shirt collar but I'm wondering how comfortable is it? is it covering your adam's apple or sitting just below it?
I'm new to this thread so forgive me if this has already been asked but is there a general use SF XX% off coupon code? I'm interested in some cotton pants. Also, what's considered a mid-weight cotton? I've seen weights ranging from sub 200 grams (7 oz) to over 600 grams (20 oz) for moleskin.
It looks like we have another Vass suede sizing victim.Can anyone with both Vass suede and calf shoes on the same last comment if sizing varies?Member n-domino has a pair of theresianer boots which I believe are open lacing/derby style so shouldn't they fit similarly?
Thanks! Looks like I'll have to dig through that thread.
That is indeed very reasonable. If Bonafé should raise their prices or MTO fees in the future could you let us know here? I planning on ordering a fur lined boot from them for next winter but won't be reaching out to you until late July/early August for an October/November delivery if their 3 month production time holds true.By the way will Edward Green be raising their prices this year? And when?
Is the goyser stitching/welt purely decorative or does it serve a functional purpose other than attaching the upper to the sole?
New Posts  All Forums: