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Could you not have used a shoe horn to insert the shoetrees?
I'm glad to hear someone had a positive experience with them. What have you commissioned so far?
Check out this thread : Custom Suiting Toronto
It looks like you got hit with 18% customs/duties. What is the break down of the fees? Is it like below?Price of jacket = $200.00Customs/duties (18%) = $ 36.00HST (13%) = $ 30.68CP processing fee = $ 10.00Total = $276.68Did the package clearly state that the jacket was manufactured in the USA? If so then yeah you should definitely contest it. You should get back $36.00 in customs and duties as...
Norwegian Rain Mixed Navy Moscow raincoat Dents England Navy deerskin gloves Monitaly Brown corduroy five-pocket pants Sartoria Formosa Marled navy Sherry Tweed sport coat
Welcome back to Enzo Bonafe.
I received a pair of chromexel boots and it looks like there is a hole or two caused by an errant sewing needle. Would this affect the water resistance of the boot? Can I plug the hole with something like Sno seal? I'm just wondering if I can live with it or try to return it.
Very nice!London tan is a classic and red is a head turner but I went with racing green. Subtle and striking at the same time imho of course.
Which colour?
What was customs and duties like? I'm in Canada as well and am thinking hard about a possible purchase.
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