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Thank you for that detailed reply TOstyle. Really appreciate you took the time to write all that out. I was still considering trying him out for shirts and pants but if he can't even get the pants right....Okay, what was wrong with the shirts?
One is nappier/furrier than the other. For a medallion go with the less nappy version.
From what I've read if you want to preserve the antiquing/burnishing use neutral. And don't use renovateur which will strip away waxes including those used in achieving that antiquing effect.
Red cognac?
Thanks, probably just my monitor. Is that what Vass refers to it as, a mid brown? It looks pretty dark which I like.
What colour are they? Oxblood?
Why would you need Museum calf when you can have Antonio antique the shoes for you?
Leffot has a pair of Chestnut Utah Galways here.
Who makes the sport coats for Liverano & Liverano?
A while back someone mentioned that "partially structured" was going to be their default choice going forward..
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