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Those Irish Setter Treeline boots looks good. I could use another badass winter boot. How did you size them? What size did you take in them? And what size do you usually take in other shoes (Allen Edmonds/Vass/Edward Green/Gaziano & Girling/etc...)?
Thanks for the feedback! Now I just have to nail down my size.
Hard to tell any differences between the pictures with and without the liner though the sleeves in the picture without the liner definitely looks baggy. I remember that you had a memory coat in size 4 that you found a bit constricting in the chest and shoulders. I have the same coat in the same size and it's more of a slouchier fit for me. I probably could have gone down to a size three except the bulky liner in front might have caused it to be a bit too tight though I...
It looks like you're in the GTA. If you like you can contact GTA Shoe Shine (here) to see if he can fix it. The owner is @jokb and is a member in good standing here. If you prefer DIY please consult the shoe care thread here.As others have said it looks like you used way too much wax.
Will all your MTM's be coming out of the new factory?Do you have a tailor at your downtown location to take my measurements for MTM?
How does it fit without the arctic liner? Does it feel loose or oversized? I was hoping to use it with and without the liner (3 seasons) to make maximum use of the coat.
I have one shoulder with quite a bit of a drop in comparison to my other shoulder. This results in a lot of folds in the fabric of my shirts under my arm pit. Would adjusting the slope for that shoulder solve this problem?
If you don't mind me asking, which MTM outfit are you auditioning?
Thanks for the detailed reply and advice which I really appreciate. I've heard a lot of good things about Joe but unfortunately he doesn't come to my neck of the woods. I have one shoulder that has quite a drop to it so I was planning to nail down my fit in relatively cheaper shirts before proceeding to sport coats. I'm just hoping that achieving a well fitting shirt will translate into a well fitting jacket the first time out.Thread I was talking about is here.
If I'm interested in some MTM pants who should I see to get measured at the Toronto store? Is an appointment required?
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