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Thanks for getting back to me on those questions. If you could PM me his contact information that'd be great!
Can you confirm whether or not their MTM is restricted to only one fit model? I think someone in the SuitSupply thread mentioned it's only for the Hudson or Havana fit. Can they do a 3 roll 2?
Notch? If not could you please PM me the contact info?
Great minds think alike. What boot are you thinking about?
[[SPOILER]] Do you know which fabric is the warmest for the Thinner jacket?
Please do post lots of pictures when you receive them. Are they handwelted? I know he offers Blake/Blake Rapid. I couldn't get a straight answer from him when I asked a few years ago.And does anyone know who will be the bespoke shoemaker at Leatherfoot?
Do you have any pictures of his finished shoes? I have yet to see a pair of his shoes that would make me want part with $1500. Admittedly this is a small sample set.Have you considered using Nasser Vies? His website is here. A Toronto Star article about him a few years ago here. His shoes start at around $1000 as of last year.
Leaves, can you tell us a little bit about the custom last creation option? Is this where they create a custom last based on your foot measurements?
Does anyone have any experience with Enzo Bonafe's fur lining? I'm wondering how warm it is and is it durable or does it shed a lot. And is it real fur or some kind of synthetic?
As long as Drew isn't the winner I guess I can live with that if that's our only option.
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