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Skoaktiebolaget's website lists it as sometime in October here.
Nice Uggs.
The only time I've heard about them is when they did a trunk show with Leatherfoot mentioned here. How did you hear about them?
What sale? Everything looks like regular price on the website.What's the process like to create your own pattern? My biggest beef with pants is not getting them to fall cleanly without any creases from ass to hem.
Just saw on her instagram here, that she finally received them on May 1, 2015 after two years.
You can try Pediwear here. Just make sure they use Royal Mail to increase your odds of slipping by customs unscathed.Customs/duties is 18% which is added to the value of your shoes on which taxes will then be calculated.
@harliprilarlar, did you ever get your QBCDR and moto2011 from TOJ? If not get back in here as we're trying to come to a resolution with Drew over outstanding orders.
Ignore the haters. I appreciate you trying to help.I'm interested in seeing what kind of copy Drew has made for us.
Why not notify him like so : hey @friyaz, the TOJ shit just hit the fan. Get back in here.We should be contacting anyone with an outstanding order. The more of us the better.
How many more batches until all the Bonafe shoes ordered during the winter promotion are all done? I ordered right at the end and was curious how much longer I have to wait.
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