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True, but I believe you wanted the country calf option. Most of the recent interest was for a smooth calf version. If we can gather enough interested participants now I say we go now. I'm okay with waiting as well but getting a GMTO together is like herding cats. You never know if or when it'll happen successfully. If we go through Skoaktiebolget it's only a 25% deposit up front I believe based on recent past GMTO's for Edward Green on their site. Price will probably be...
Can you send in a shirt for them to copy? If not check out the Luxire thread for button downs.
Now, why do I think this involves my wallet in some way?
Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Illcea and Haas for museum calf? Is there a reason to choose one over the other? I'm considering a dark brown museum austerity brogue but I'm not sure if I should wait until Vass begins using Illcea again or just go ahead and order it with the leather sourced from Haas.
Wait a minute, 3 piece shoe trees are an option? I'd want those included in my order for sure providing any upcharge isn't crazy. And what does 'close cut bevelled waist' mean? Do you have any pictures comparing a regular waist versus a bevelled waist on a pair of Vass shoes?
@arahat I'd be interested in either an austerity brogue or a brogued wingtip. Probably in some shade of dark brown.
I would prefer a more dressy version with smooth calf.
Can anyone give me more information about these Delapre leathers that I'm starting to see mentioned more and more? How does it compare to the standard leather?
Is that price for a shell boot? And is the Cordovan from Horween or another tannery?
What are the measurements on those Rotas? Are they the same as the heavier cotton pants from Rota?
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