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Is this by request only? Or is it standard feature on all boots?
What's the turn around time for custom orders?
I hope not. There's still no word on mine but I did order at the last second.
When you're protecting a row do you need to have a G-mail account for this feature to work? I'm just curious how it knows that you have permission to edit it. And how do you know whether it was successful? I tried protecting my row and it gives me a error message when I'm at the last step in the instructions here. '
No Man Walks Alone lowered their prices on Talarico umbrellas in a recent restock to reflect the stronger USD.Is this US only or is Canada affected as well? No more Canada Post option?
Not bad. Good to see you guys staying in the leather jacket game and hope you keep improving.Now, someone needs to order a Safari/Field/Shirt jacket in a luxurious mid-brown suede.
@Synthese, @spacepope and @nicelynice what coats are you guys wearing?
Skoaktiebolaget's website lists it as sometime in October here.
Nice Uggs.
The only time I've heard about them is when they did a trunk show with Leatherfoot mentioned here. How did you hear about them?
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