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I would be interested in a Utah Nevis.
Does anyone dis-infect their shoes as part of their shoe care regimen? I'm asking as I came across this here.
How dark is that brown? It looks almost black on my monitor. How does it compare to dark oak?
Are you certain that's Utah? I can't see any texture.
About a year ago there was some issues with the hatch grain from Horween. A member here had the finish come off a pair as he was going through his shoe care regiment. Does anyone know if this was corrected or is Horween still experiencing these issues? I know that Gaziano & Girling actually strips and re-finishes their hatch grain that they receive from Horween so I don't have any worries buying from them. What about other manufacturers? Does anyone have any recent...
I certainly hope that you took the opportunity to film the inside of his rectum.
Sorry, had no idea how many backers you had. I was just expressing interest in another variation. No harm no foul.
It's certainly growing on me. What do you think of the stitched cap toe and medallion combination? I can't help but think the medallion 'overwhelms' it somewhat.
Make the entire boot antique bronze and I'd be interested.
What does everyone think of this design? Does the medallion work with a stitched toe cap instead of a brogued cap? I've almost always seen a medallion paired with either a brogued cap toe or wingtip.@Leaves does the chain stitching come in any other colour? Can it be made to match the colour of the upper?
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