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When buying a spot from someone how do you know that the jacket hasn't been made yet? It seems that shipping may have been the bottleneck.And has anyone received their large wallet yet?
What's the upcharge for modifying an existing last to better fit your feet? And for a pair of test shoes?
Do you have a picture? I'm curious to see how close they can come.
I can see the need for a test/fitting shoe for bespoke but why for MTO/MTM? Are you using the terms MTO and MTM interchangeably? MTM seems to suggest some level of last modification for which I can see the need for a test shoe. Sorry for all the questions I'm just trying to understand what Meccariello offers.
Thanks for the quick reply! But now I'm confused. The member below mentioned EUR1400 with test shoes. I believe Meccariello makes both MTO and bespoke. Does Meccariello make MTO's with test shoes?
Does Vass only offer one type of goyser welt?I really like the one offered by enzo bonafe below. [[SPOILER]]
[[SPOILER]] Are the soles on those test boots hand welted or glued on?And does anyone know the base price for bespoke shoes?
This is the first I've heard of denim specific detergents. Any recommendations? And are they actually better than something like Woolite Dark? A quick googling turns up Farmer Drew Denim Wash and Mr. Black Denim Wash.
Thanks for taking the time to type all that out!A UK10E in 888 fits really close on my foot, so there's no way a 9.5F Saint Crispin would fit if it's a touch smaller. And a 10F might be a little large. I'm going to have to visit Leatherfoot one of these days to nail down my Saint Crispin size.
Is there a reason why Vass attaches their single dainite sole in two different ways? One is stitched and one is glued on.
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