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I wanted that exact boot in dark brown shell but the closest model Bonafe had was a chukka height split toe boot with an extended stitched toe and truncated squared off apron. This boot probably requires the creation of a new pattern which'll be more than the 15% usual surcharge. I think about 30% - 50%. I'll be happy to be proven wrong.
Any idea when he's back from vacation? I sent an e-mail a couple weeks ago but haven't received a reply yet.
Thanks for the recommendations guys. I'll head over when I can find the time. Fortunately the Dupont subway station is nearby which makes it convenient.
How did this go? Would you recommend this place?I need to have the rubber heel on a pair of Allen Edmonds replaced.
Well, how can you say no to that face?How does the Dents glove fit finger length-wise in comparison to the Merola? I tried on a pair of Merolas and everything fit well except for the middle three fingers which were a little short. By the way when are you expecting the Stephan Schneider Memory coat?
When I enquired about whether their new shoe trees are lasted below is the reply I received.
I'm curious to know why not? Is it because you don't trust the other party not to mess up your pants?
Have you can considered sending in your Ambrosi to Luxire to have them copy it?I believe member @emptym sent in his Ambrosi trousers to Luxire, perhaps he can comment on how successfully they duplicated the fit.
I'm waiting for mine as well. I ordered at the last possible moment though. When did you order? We'll need to wait until the Bonafe factory re-opens in mid-August after their summer solstice. Timing kinda sucks though as I have a Thorpe pre-order scheduled to arrive in August as well. I was hoping to spread out the pain.
I'll probably need to do the measurements myself as well. Do you have any tricks or tips? Things to watch out for?
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