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Oh, you called them? I thought you had e-mailed them. I sent a e-mail to info@viberg.com last Thursday and haven't received a response yet..
Which e-mail address did you use? I sent one on Thursday but still haven't received a reply.
Does anyone know if Vass offers shearling or fur lining as an option? Would be great for a boot in winter.
Thanks for that detailed reply.Are the hikers good to -10 degrees celsius? And how waterproof are the roughout hikers that'll go on sale on your site on Thursday? If not what would you recommend to waterproof them. I have some Tarrago nano protector I was considering using.
Thanks!Price is a little more than I expected as I saw some hikers at http://workboot.com/ for under $500.00 though they're no longer listed. I would have grabbed a pair but they didn't have my size. However, those upcomming suede hikers look really nice.
Is this leather only available via bespoke or can it be done on a MTO?
Thanks. Do you know the pricing of those roughout hikers? If they're lined in thinsulate I'm definitely interested.
Does any one have a pair of hikers and can offer a comment on sizing? Same as your Barrie size?
As if sizing Vass wasn't hard enough. Were the suede shoes unlined? Can anyone else confirm this?
Assuming the weight gain was because of you doing your best Charlie impression in the gym how many inches did you add to your chest? I've been thinking about working out myself and am curious to know how my body measurements may change since I'm in the midst of deciding on another TOJ. I realize every body's different but it'll at least give me a data point to work with.
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