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Arne's a Manager, Business Administration & CIMS-GB Compliance at Waterford Services. Nikki's now a Clothing Advisor at Harry Rosen.
What's the pricing like say for suits or sport coats?And don't forget to update the Custom Suiting Toronto with your experience.
How do you begin the haggling process? I'm terrible at it.I'm curious if we could do a group buy for a bigger discount. I know that if you buy 3K worth of stuff from Skoak they'll give you a 10% discount.
Isn't Carmina's single MTO fee 50% of the base price?
Which of Stephan Schneider's F/W 2015 pieces or pieces from past seasons do you feel fall into the category of not photogenic but looks great in person?
what shoe trees are you using and do they fit the 2030 well?
Which one did you get? The charcoal from Suspension Point?
Yeah, wishful thinking. Just look at the state of large wallet fulfillment. Looking at the spreadsheet I believe there are about 20 large wallet orders for which he charged us 145USD each. It probably costs him 70USD to make (someone can correct me if I'm wrong). So it'll just take ~1400USD to clear up those 20 orders. He has more than enough funds from what Dieworkwear mentioned but he still won't make them. It is literally the cheapest thing he could make yet not a...
I believe member chobochobo is referring to the post below.
Are you talking about Arne?
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