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What happened to Moo?
@luxire, if the rise of a pair of pants is too short can it be fixed? Do you leave enough material to let out and if so by how much?
Can you actually button the last button at the bottom or is it merely decorative? Liverano's website here indicates that in their house cut the jacket only meets at the middle button. Just hover your mouse over the middle button on the suit for the explanation.
What size are you in TG73 vs 946?
Interesting. I thought Mr. Porter was a US company but it looks like they're in the UK but with a US head office as well. However, shouldn't American customers get hit with this as well?Please let us know how that works out. I was looking to get a pair from Cultizm myself.
Which last? I have a pair of Viberg hikers and I tried to use a pair of Allen Edmonds shoe trees (which I use for my Allen Edmond shoes) and found them to be a poor fit. The back and front part was really scrunched together. I took them out as I was afraid of it stretching the boots.
This is a fashion forum. Style,design >> Construction. Generally speaking as long as the construction is fine people will choose the better design over the better construction. This why there are people who choose goodyear welted shoes like Edward Green/Gaziano & Girling (gemming!!!) over handwelted shoes like Vass and Enzo Bonafe.TOJ by virtue of the fact that Drew sources his leathers from the secondary market instead of directly from the tanneries is known to be...
Any particular reason you want applewood? They use so many different types of wood that I'm just curious why you seemed to have settled on that one?
Did you ever get this resolved? Did you get refunded the money you paid for the customs/duties?When Mr. Porter first offered Viberg boots I was automatically hit with customs/duties at the checkout stage and a live chat with a customer representative did not resolve the matter. They insisted that customs/duties applied even with NAFTA in place.
Bulloch Tailors is having a spring liquidation event now, link is here. Pricing is $1695.00 or $1595.00 for two or more. This is only for in stock fabrics. There were some decent suitings (colour-wise) left when I checked in today. No pretentious high pressure sales tactics. The sale is because his lease is up and he doesn't want to take all the fabric with him. Tentative future plans is to hold two events a year to take future orders.It's a two man operation with Stan and...
New Posts  All Forums: