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Noted, thanks.How many people do you need? Is this per leather or any combination of the three leathers (russet, seal, black)?
How would you describe the colour?
How dark is the midnight blue? Almost black? I've seen pictures of your navy and that was a bit light for my liking.Like this?
I thought Enzo Bonafe were hand welted? Or do they also offer machine stitching?
Skoaktiebolaget does not have any plans for a 'Nevis' type boot from Enzo. I'm just indicating that I have plans for a 'Nevis' from Enzo via Skoaktiebolaget if they can successfully duplicate that vertical stitch. I had asked Leaves if Enzo could do it and he had replied that Enzo was experimenting with it but so far it's in the beta stage.
Is that colour only offered for bespoke and Deco shoes? Or can regular RTW/MTO get it?
I just saw the Meermin yesterday, however I'm trying to keep my internet sizing adventures to a minimum. I already have a Vass incoming soon because I have plans for more Vass shoes. I'm also thinking of getting into Enzo Bonafe because I'm interested in their fur lined option for a winter boot and their button boots are growing on me. Plus, member Leaves mentioned that they're experimenting with duplicating the reverse vertical stitch found on Edward Green Dover/Nevis. If...
I was expecting a gif at least.
Congrats on your new shoes! Please post pictures when you receive them.
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