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I'd be interested in a smooth calf Nevis in Dark Oak. It's Edward Greens most expensive shoe/boot and the country grain just makes it not as versatile as I'd like.However, I'll consider dark brown Utah as well as I've got an itch for hatch grain that I'd like to scratch.
What's the upcharge for a deco over an ordinary G&G?
I'd be interested in a oak or chestnut hatch grain Wigmore.
How does Meccariello compare to Jan Kielman? Both are at tempting price points for semi-bespoke/bespoke. Is there a reason to choose one over the other?
I would be in on a Nevis in Dark Oak. Smooth calf? I'd consider Utah as well.
What's the pricing on the Thorpe without VAT?
You're willing to send a fit jacket across international borders? What would be the cost? Just cover shipping both ways?
That contrast stitching really takes the shoes to another level. And that's a lovely green. Reminds me more of an apple than an olive green.
Can you clarify what you mean by used? Are these pre-owned/pre-worn shoes?And are the prices you posted including VAT?
The dark brown [[SPOILER]] Skoaktiebolaget describes it thusly,
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