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The pictures I've seen of Carmina's split toe looks like two pieces of leather stitched together whereas the Dover looks like the stitching is under the leather. If you can get it Carmina to duplicate it exactly please do let me know.
Thanks! Good to have confirmation that someone takes a 10E in the Tru-Balance and a 10 in 2030.
Sorry for another 2030 sizing question. It seems the consensus is to take the same size as your Barrie/Tru-balance size. However, I take a10E (wide) in the Trubalance. Would a 10 in the 2030 work or should I size up to 10.5?
With MTM can you specify what you want for the rise? The stock Rota's you carry have a rise that's too short for my preference.
Which maker are you going with for your Dover-like shoe?
Yeah, the dover is a pretty iconic shoe especially in the right last.
Didn't you recently submit a MTO for the Gaziano & Girling Hove? I thought you posted that you believed the Hove to be the superior implementation of that particular style?
I don't think Vass can do the split toe stitching the way Edward Green does it. Nor the apron stitching for that matter. I believe member stmair (sp?) enquired about it but ultimately came away unsuccessful in that endeavour. Below is a picture of the two kinds of split toe stitching Vass does. I would be more than happy to be proven wrong. If Vass can duplicate the Dover I'd be more than happy to buy a pair.
[[SPOILER]] Nice collar 7_rocket however, I feel that your chest is a little small based on the wrinkling around your armpits.
Can Bonafe duplicate the vertical reverse (?) stitch at the front tip of Edward Green's Dover/Nevis? I'm talking about the stitching that makes it a split toe.
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