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I'm surprised that it's more expensive than the Thorpe with it's apron stitching. Is it due to the fact that it's a wholecut with one seam? And where is the seam located?
Thanks for taking the time to document your mirror shine technique.How long does it take to rub the wax/water combination from hazy to clear?Once you've achieved clarity how long do you wait to apply the next wax/water combination?
That's over $200.00 Canadian for those shoe trees. Is that right?
Thank you so much for the detailed update! Really glad those worked out for you. How does the 8.5 in the 2030 compare with the 8.5E in the TruBalance last which you mentioned was a little big? Have you tried the TruBalance in 8.5D (normal width)?
@LA Guy for the gentleman shitkicker you mentioned that the French calf used is the same as Hermes uses. Is this also the same French calf used by Viberg to make Black French calf service boots for other stockists? For example Brooklyn Clothing co offers a black French calf boot here.
Thanks.Let us know how that works out for you. As a fellow E width member I'd be extremely interested in your experience.
Is it 8.5 D (normal width)?Since you both take the same size in the Barrie and the 2030 can you compare the width? It seems that in the same size for the Barrie and the 2030 the latter is a touch wider? Enough to be a width wider?I'm a 10E on the TruBalance last which is similar to the Barrie so this is helpful. Was this on the 2030 last? And what made you choose the 7.5 over the 7.0? Length or width issue? I have a Indy boot in 10.5D and the fit is okay though maybe a...
If I take a size 10E (wide) in the TruBalance what size would I be in the 2030?
Thanks Guys!Yes, google only turned up their old website.Kind of apropo for hand welted shoes no?Which means it'll get flagged for fraud and denied by my credit card company so I have to phone in to authorise it and have the merchant re-submit the transaction.What's the best most secured way to send your credit card information in cases like these?
Do you have a link to the new Vass website?
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