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For the large wallet I see four slots for cards and a coin purse. Are there any other compartments?
Depending on where a product is manufactured Kirby probably needs to pay duties/customs fees to import them into the U.S.A for sale while the other retailor may not have to. These extra costs will be factored into the price.
Full double sole just looks a bit too chunky in my eyes. What size are those dovers in your pictures on your website?
I would definitely be interested in a Nevis in Gold Delapre.
Any chance for a future model of this with HAF soles?
Thanks for the information gentlemen. My package is finally on the move, hopefully it'll cross the border by Monday.
Unfortunately, Vass can't do the split toe stitching the way Edward Green and Gaziano & Girling can.
My journey began yesterday. ...and now my watch begins.For those in Canada what duties/custom charges were you hit with? I know for English shoes you get hit with 18% of the declared value plus provincial taxes on top of all that.
Talarico. Affiliate vendor Hangar Project has them here. If I had the disposable income of a university student that's what I would get. They will also include all taxes and duties in the final total billed to you so there should be no surprises when your umbrella finally finds its way home to you.
Under what conditions would you clean your shoes with soap and water? Oil based stains like food? I usually just rub a damp cloth over mine if they ask for it. Would Tide (unscented of course) work? Front Loader or handwash?
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