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That's interesting. Member stmaier received a pair of antique cognac shell that's definitely more of a mid brown.
Thanks for your response, I was interested in the calf.
I like it. What's the upcharge for one? And what widths will you be offering?
Who's Susan? Ascot shoes?
39 in F and 39 in U will be identical in length and width. The big difference is the taper at the toe. Some people need to go up a half size in U to accommodate their toes and some can get away with the same size in both lasts.
How would people describe antique cognac? Is it a mid brown like above or is it a dark brown like the identical shoe shown on NMWA's website here?
Is brandy a mid brown with red tones? How would people who have actually seen it in real life describe the colour?
True, but I believe you wanted the country calf option. Most of the recent interest was for a smooth calf version. If we can gather enough interested participants now I say we go now. I'm okay with waiting as well but getting a GMTO together is like herding cats. You never know if or when it'll happen successfully. If we go through Skoaktiebolget it's only a 25% deposit up front I believe based on recent past GMTO's for Edward Green on their site. Price will probably be...
Can you send in a shirt for them to copy? If not check out the Luxire thread for button downs.
Now, why do I think this involves my wallet in some way?
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