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How often do you have to re-apply the Sno-Seal? I was planning on using it for a pair of boots this winter.
What size are you in other more CM footwear like Aldens/Allen Edmonds/Edward Green/Gaziano & Girling/ etc...?
I'm not a fan of the chemicals used in dry cleaning so I'm wondering if I can hand wash a suit jacket and pants myself and then have my tailor press them back into shape? Would this cause any issues other than the initial loss of shape in the garment prior to the re-pressing? Could shrinkage occur?
I'm not a fan of the Irvine however the Scott is a fine looking winter boot. I have no experience with Cheaney so I'm not sure if it's worth almost $500.00. It is half the price of an equivalent Galway though. I just can't bring myself to spend $1k + on just a foul weather boot like the shearling version of the Galway though I'm sure it's very nice.BTW the Scott can be found here.
What's the price of his pants?
Does anyone else know?
Agreed. The Vass commando sole is fierce. Is Vass still having issues with their rubber soles partially coming off?
"Oundle" ?
What size are you in Vass F last and in other shoes? The only reason I'm considering a wide in Vass is that I'm a E width/wide in US sizing. However, in UK sizing I'm a regular width as I mentioned earlier.
Interesting to see that they have now developed their own version of Edward Green's Galway boot. With Edward Green currently refusing to make the Galway on anything other than the 82 and 64 last this would be a good alternative for those who wanted it on the 888.Edit: D'oh! RogerP beat me to it.
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