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St Crispin's right? Have you tried sending them that picture to see if there's anything they can do?I remember when you abandoned calf shoes as they were all cracking in favour of shell, are you still sticking with shell or will you be moving on to another leather type?
What's the weight of the cloth?It doesn't seem to drape as nicely as a Oatmeal and brown Donegal cloth from Molloy & Sons found here. Weight is 600 grs / 21 oz.
€300 for a semi-bespoke shoe ain't bad at all. I wonder if Meccariello will allow you to keep on ordering test shoes? Does anyone know how the test shoes compare to Allen Edmonds/Alden, Crockett & Jones bench grade, Vass, Edward Green or Gaziano & Girling? I'm just wondering in terms of quality where it fits in that range.
Thanks for the reply.So €560 (standard RTW) + €150 (MTO) + €150 (Modified last) gives us €860 for semi-bespoke? That's not bad at all. The test shoes can't be more than €560 for the standard RTW.
Yup, I checked already and it's listed as unfulfilled. If I don't hear anything in a day or so I'll send them an e-mail to follow up.
Thanks for the responses guys.I placed my order last Sunday evening. Looks like I'll need to exercise a little patience.
Has anyone ordered from Viberg's web shop before? How long does it take for them to get it out the door and into the hands of the shipping company?
When buying a spot from someone how do you know that the jacket hasn't been made yet? It seems that shipping may have been the bottleneck.And has anyone received their large wallet yet?
What's the upcharge for modifying an existing last to better fit your feet? And for a pair of test shoes?
Do you have a picture? I'm curious to see how close they can come.
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