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Truly sorry to hear about all your tribulations and bad luck with your orders. What other outstanding orders do you have? So that I know to avoid those vendors... PM sent!Thanks for that 411. I won't waste Charlie's time then. [[SPOILER]] TOJ fanfic? Please no Drew/Charlie shipping...
Does this happen to all leathers on the 2030 with unstructured toe or only for shell?
@luxire When people send in shirts/pants to be copied do you simply measure the garment or do you completely de-construct it, measure the individual fabric panels and sew it back together again?
Orders for those closed mid April with a quoted two month production time so we should be pretty close.Maybe @mrchariybrown can give us an update?
MTM leather jackets at this quality level and price point is pretty unique imho. If you know of another equivalent source I'd truly love to hear it.Weren't you caught up in that Edwards of Manchester fiasco? And now you have a TOJ on order as well?
Does Vass actually call that shade of brown cigar? I thought that was an exclusive to Alden.
What was your order number for those of use who want to duplicate that collar on our next order?
Charly, how many outstanding TOJ orders are there? Not including the bags or wallets. Just to give us a sense of scale and a little perspective.
Thanks gents.Unfortunately Leffot doesn`t currently carry my size or last.I did previously contact Skoaktieboleget but they don`t carry them.
New Posts  All Forums: