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Best guess is twice the cost. Usually for a bespoke/MTM suit the pants are approximately a third of the final price. Probably best to send Luxire a e-mail for a price.That last jacket posted by Luxire looks really good. More guinea pigs esteemed styleforum members should order to help them refine the construction/cut/silhouette.
Thanks for all the responses guys. Sounds like Trend isn't for the beginner or inexperienced. However, if you know your style even if it's a little crazy Don's willing to accommodate.borbor if you got the time I'd love to see some fit pics of the suit you got from Don (Trend). I'd like see to how he executes a more classically styled suit.Anyone try Bulloch Tailors? Website is here.
Could you explain more about how it was artsy/fashion-forward? I was considering him for a future commission.
Which is a perfect segue to my question. What's everybody's favourite non-Aurum last? I've been going through his tumbler and for his regular line there are times when he doesn't identify the last.
His leathers are basically left overs from the original run. It's like purchasing end of roll fabric. You can get some nice stuff at a great price if you know what you're looking for when buying from re-sellers. The downside is that you never know what Drew will find in the market when he goes shopping for leathers which impacts consistency. The olive Italian calf is a perfect example. I'd love to buy a jacket in it but the colour is all over the place with no guarantee...
Wasn't that in reference specifically to the Charly special which includes shaved down lamb making it thinner than normal? I don't believe people were aware of this when ordering.Having said that leather quality like lamb does fluctuate which isn't surprising considering his source.
When you order directly from Vass how does payment work? Full amount up front, half up front and the other half on delivery or full amount after the shoes have been completed?
Thanks for the reply.If you have the time and the inclination I'd love to see some fit pics.
If only Vass could replicate the split toe stitching on the Dover/Nevis and Thorpe/Hove.By the way it's killing me to see all these awesome shell boots and shoe while knowing that they will no longer accept orders for shell footwear.
New Posts  All Forums: