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Are three piece shoe trees only available for whole sizes? So, those with half sizes are out of luck? And are they really lasted?
What shoe trees do people use for the 946 last?
It sounds like it's just their regular every day price but with prices for new incoming stock skyrocketing because of our crappy dollar it can be considered a sale. Not really the kind of sale I like. They make it sound like the price hike will be significant
LOL, I was just concerned about the durability and longevity of the piece. If the screws had gone out both ends of the leather then it won't be a potential point of failure in the future. I just like stuff that lasts.
How much are Galways in CDN? 1200.00?(1200.00 * 1.18)* 1.13 = 1600.00Yeah, if you're in Ontario $400.00 sounds about right. This isn't including the handling fee. For women's shoes it's 11% instead of 18%.
@gdl203 how many keys can that Il Micio key case hold? And does the screw really stick out like that? It seems like a bit of hazard in terms of it catching on things. How are the screws attached to the leather? Glue?
Are all Argentums handwelted or only the MTM line.
If this was done in a GMTO would that surcharge be split among the group? Alternatively if one person commissions this and pays the one time fee for the pattern creation does that mean all subsequent orders from anyone else won't get hit by this fee?
As a comparison:SkoaktiebolagetBrown Highland Grain from Gaziano & Girling website (here)Would be interested in seeing some IRL pictures of the new Rustic Arran.
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