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Wait a minute, 3 piece shoe trees are an option? I'd want those included in my order for sure providing any upcharge isn't crazy. And what does 'close cut bevelled waist' mean? Do you have any pictures comparing a regular waist versus a bevelled waist on a pair of Vass shoes?
@arahat I'd be interested in either an austerity brogue or a brogued wingtip. Probably in some shade of dark brown.
I would prefer a more dressy version with smooth calf.
Can anyone give me more information about these Delapre leathers that I'm starting to see mentioned more and more? How does it compare to the standard leather?
Is that price for a shell boot? And is the Cordovan from Horween or another tannery?
What are the measurements on those Rotas? Are they the same as the heavier cotton pants from Rota?
Nice wingtips. What model is it?
Are Leatherfoot's G&G sizing in UK or US?Edit: Nevermind, I can't read.
Why Blake stitching? Is there any visible difference between it and Goodyear?
Thanks for the reply Despos.I am a bit hippy. Hip measurement is close to 38 inches. And single pleats and two inch cuffs are my personal preference. So I guess it's safer to go with 2m?
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