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Most likely. They're a two man operation and unless they have a secret deep pocketed angel investor there's no way they're ordering directly from tanneries which require a minimum run.@la guy is currently working with tanneries on his own leather jacket collaboration, perhaps he can let us know the kind of minimums that's required. And Dan/@shinobi13 can let us know the square footage that's required per jacket. That should give us a rough idea about how many people need...
Is it me or does the left side of the jacket/right side of the picture look a bit veiny from the shoulder down? Or is it just the overhead lighting exaggerating things.?E-mail Charly and he'll get you sorted out. Nothing wrong with crowdsourcing your measurements but at least he'll give you a good foundation to start discussing it with complete strangers over the internet.
Can the customer's name be used instead? I think this would be a cool feature.
You can check here.
If you want anything from Leatherfoot you better buy now before their new stock comes in and prices get jacked because of the terrible state of our currency.
As a tweener I envy you whole sizers and your three piece shoe trees..
Good point about the material difference. Unfortunately, tailors who work with leathers are rare though.Yeah, but everything looks good on the 199? Genetics Lottery winner.
Charly, is there a reason that shoulder gussets are now optional? Why would you not want them?
Based on what you said will they be MTM? And will a muslin trial jacket be possible to judge fit before committing?And to keep this TOJ related what do you think of the A2? I know you mentioned you liked the DR especially with the quilting but really did not like the Moto.
Thanks, man. I'll add those once Bonafe decides to get around to making my January order.
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