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Thanks for the detailed response!
For comparison purposes can you list the size you took in the 773 last along with your sizes in other shoes/lasts like Edward Green/Gaziano & Girling/etc...?
How did you adjust to the larger shell fit? Order a half size down from your usual size in that particular last?
Can you recommend any stores on the continent?
Are those Stephan Schneider shirts meant to be worn tucked in or untucked?
Charly, any news on large wallets?
Thank you for the reply.I had no idea Vass offered two types of suede. Why would you choose one over the other? Just personal preference and taste?
Reverse calf, is that just ordinary shoe leather but with the flesh/nappy side out? What's the advantage/dis-advantage of this type of suede versus the regular split stuff? What's the nap like?
Do you have a picture of this? I'm trying to visualize how it looks. Is it horizontal?
Can anyone confirm if the Radica/Museum calf Vass uses is thinner than their regular calf? I saw this mentioned in another thread.
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