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The only two Gaziano & Girling stockists in Toronto are Leatherfoot and John Ferrigamo (a bespoke tailor shop). I don't have any experience with John Ferrigamo but my two orders with Leatherfoot I found their communication to be lacking.
How did you tweak the fit? Or did you visit Vass in person to take advantage of their semi-bespoke service?
I would be interested in the Galway with the suede shaft and dainite soles. I wonder if the MTO fees to change the last to 888 can be waived if enough people show an interest.
Unfortunately that black CC does nothing for me. I'd be interested in a version where the whole boot was in antique bronze.
@Thurston Bros is there a blue darker than navy? More of a midnight blue?
I'd really prefer the Nevis in smooth calf. However, if I had to go the country calf route Rosewood would be it.
That's a very toothy grin on that shoe.
Is Gaziano & Girling narrow fitting for you necessitating a F width or is Bonafé standard width kinda wide? I'm a solid UK10E (regular width) in Gaziano & Girling TG73 and DG70 and in Edward Green 888. What size and width would I be in Bonafé?
I suppose so, but that look just doesn't do anything for me. However, I'm not a hard core SW&D guy.Thanks, when you take a moment to think about it then it makes sense that all leather types will eventually succumb to this to some degree.Hopefully other people with 2030 boots with unstructured toe will chime in with their experiences. I'm curious how 'bad' it gets and which leather is particularly resistant to this effect.
Truly sorry to hear about all your tribulations and bad luck with your orders. What other outstanding orders do you have? So that I know to avoid those vendors... PM sent!Thanks for that 411. I won't waste Charlie's time then. [[SPOILER]] TOJ fanfic? Please no Drew/Charlie shipping...
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