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$17.50 (5 - 6 pairs of eyelets) is a bit expensive for shoe laces no? How's the quality compared to other cheaper alternatives? Do they stay tied? I have three Allen Edmond shoes and the waxed laces on two of them just won't stayed tied which is pretty annoying.
Sorry to hear about the fit issue. How does it compare to your previous commissions fit wise? Did it at least improve? Or get worse?
Did you eventually hear back from Spiros in regards to your commissioned suit?
I received my soft briefcase today and it looks like I got hit with the handle issue as well. It's a (you guessed it) Navy soft briefcase but via DHL. These don't look like indentations, it just looks like shiny marks in the shape of the handle. I have a bonus mark on one side where it looked like the handle rubbed against the body of the briefcase, shifed position and created another mark. Like others have mentioned the box was fine. The sheet of bubble wrap between the...
Thanks, that makes sense.Did you get hit with any customs or duties? Are you in the US?
Is anyone else receiving their March shipment via DHL? My tracking information still only shows as "Shipment information received" for April 01, 2015 and I'm wondering if this is normal. I do want to know when it arrives so that I can ensure someone's home to receive it.
Do they have any promotions during this event? Does anyone know the kind of pricing for Edward Green shoes and boots at this store?
What shoe trees are you using and how do they fit? Are those boots on the 2030 last?
Don't the ship via DHL? That will guarantee that you'll get hit with customs/duties. And what's the VAT in France, 20%?
Why did you choose those particular leathers? I have no experience with them so I'm just curious.
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