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Thanks for taking the time to type all that out!A UK10E in 888 fits really close on my foot, so there's no way a 9.5F Saint Crispin would fit if it's a touch smaller. And a 10F might be a little large. I'm going to have to visit Leatherfoot one of these days to nail down my Saint Crispin size.
Is there a reason why Vass attaches their single dainite sole in two different ways? One is stitched and one is glued on.
Congrats RogerP! Leatherfoot? Pretty tempting. How did you size your Saint Crispins? I take a UK10E (normal width) in Edward Green 888 and Gaziano & Girling TG73/MH71/DG70 for reference.
Nevis > Halifax > Dover
Are there going to be any restocks of the Portuguese Flannel or is that it for the season?And are these shirts suppose to be worn tucked or untucked?
Thanks man.Can anyone comment on how colour 8 chromexel looks in real life? From the members recent pictures here it looks very bright red. However, on Viberg's site and the site of their stockists that carry this it looks like a deeper and darker burgundy which I prefer. The bright reddish colour is a dealbreaker for me.
Is that colour 8 chromexel on the right?
@arneben can you confirm that you'll be carrying Edward Green shoes? I'm just wondering when they'll start showing up in your store/website.
Fok, what shipping service do you use to ship to Canada? USPS? I'm just gauging my odds of being hit with 18% duties.
Thanks for the reply.Any Canadians try to order? Viberg's made in Canada and they're charging me $115.20 in duties? This is not including tax ($98.18).
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