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I asked Stan about his house style and he said that they had none, they'll make whatever you want. I'm sure there must be limitations like being able to properly execute a drape cut or pagoda shoulders which I never asked about.Their lease is up in March or April at which time they'll close up shop. I believe they'll switch to biannual trunk shows afterwards.
Does that customer have an instagram page here? He has a few pieces tagged with the hash tag #mysterytailor. If you scroll to the bottom he's posing for a few fit pictures in Leatherfoot. And the brown window pane sport jacket on Leatherfoot's website makes an appearance here as well.
Thanks razl.Does anyone know how the 325 last fit versus the 348? Same size or go down half a size?And does Purdey use Royal Mail to ship to North America? If it's UPS/FedEx I'll have to bow out.
Is this on the 365 or 325 last?
So you were not hit with customs/duties or taxes(GST) on those other purchases? You paid nothing on arrival?I've received small boxes (cuff links and Inis Meain hat) to large tombstone sized boxes (Leder great Coat) from NMWA and have always been hit.
Wasn't the fur also shaved shorter on the current version as well to help with shedding?
Are you comparing to Crockett & Jones? Or the upper tier of English RTW like Edward Green (non Top Shelf) and Gaziano & Girling (non-Deco)? And what's the pricing like?
Do you take the same size in the new 82 as the current 888?
Other shoes include Edward Green?
Were your packages opened for inspection by Canada Customs? I'm just wondering how they knew that the country of origin/manufacture was a non-NAFTA country and thus subject to duties/customs.I only got hit with HST this time.
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