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Thank you!I'd be interested in knowing how they compare to your Eidos and Formosa.
I'd be interested in a shearling lined boot from Carlos Ssntos. Can they do a storm welt? Commando sole? And can it be in a leather other than the dark brown grain used in the original run of the field boot? I already have a pair of those incoming with the suede shaft.
Does this apply to SuitSupply? A poster above mentioned that they're not known for that unless I'm mis-reading him.
Would it be possible for either of you fine gentlemen to post pictures of your suits when you receive them? There's really not a lot of pictures of their suits so the more the merrier.
I see there was a bit of excitement about Luxire's upcoming bespoke trunk shows however, are there any pictures of these bespoke garments in the wild? It's kind of hard to get excited without any pictures to assess fit and style. Anyone whose been through this process care to share their experience?
Roger what's the leather used on these two incredible boots?
I'm looking forward to your review of the suit.
Any sales on Zero Halliburton slim line brief cases? Also, looking for deals on Mason Pearson hairbrushes.
I pre-ordered a pair of these Carlos Santos field boots in UK10 (316 last). What size shoe trees do you recommend in your house trees?
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