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Roger what's the leather used on these two incredible boots?
I'm looking forward to your review of the suit.
Any sales on Zero Halliburton slim line brief cases? Also, looking for deals on Mason Pearson hairbrushes.
I pre-ordered a pair of these Carlos Santos field boots in UK10 (316 last). What size shoe trees do you recommend in your house trees?
Congrats on finally getting your refund! [[SPOILER]]
Inglese shirts are awesome. I just wish they worked for me fit-wise. The fabric bunches up beneath the collar at the back which MTM can't fix.
Also, adding a liner will shorten the sleeves.
I do not understand. From the bolded part of your post it seems that you require at least three shipments. And you were charged for three shipments. So what is the issue at hand keeping mind that Luxire does not offer free shipping? Was it the attempt at public shaming?
Perhaps someone like @Notch can help you out? Though it'll probably take a GMTO to make it worthwhile for him to put in the effort.
New Posts  All Forums: