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I'm just curious, but who are these others that are like Allen Edmonds when it comes to the re-crafting of their shoes?
Is your tailor at your Mississauga or Toronto store? Does he only work on the clothes you sell? With a lot of OTR pants the back doesn't drape cleanly for me, is this something he can alleviate?Also, for MTM is an appointment required? Who would be the best person to meet with to get properly measured?
Mink oil? Venetion shoe cream? I have nano protector as well. How do you find it in repelling the salt on your suede? How often do you re-apply it during winter? The salesman I bought it from told me to re-apply every two weeks which seems a little excessive.
I believe it's the grey prince of wales fabric. Coat is here. The fabric is the last one on the right when you're clicking through the fabric choices.
Do you put anything on your boots to prepare them for all the salt and slush of winter?
Joe Hemrajani of MyTailor.com? Did you use one of their travelling tailors or did you visit them at their showroom in California? How many jackets did it take you to nail down your fit? Any advice for anyone looking to get a sport coat from them?They don't seem to get much love here. There was even a thread started by a member recently asking about them that did not garner even one response.
Has anyone used shirting with a cotton/wool blend? Do they make up on the casual end or can they pass for regular dress shirts? I'm considering having some shirts made up for the winter and was hoping they'd supply warmth while passing muster as dress shirts.
Well that's disappointing to hear. I was planning on trying their MTM. When did the MTM specialist leave? Was his name Bobby O.?
What was the price for MTM when supplying your own fabric? Also forgot to ask how many fittings did you have?
Can you share with us what makes the Dirty so much better than your other experiences? And who were the other MTM/bespoke shops that you've used in the past that you weren't happy with? A good tailor can be so hard to find.
New Posts  All Forums: