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Have you can considered sending in your Ambrosi to Luxire to have them copy it?I believe member @emptym sent in his Ambrosi trousers to Luxire, perhaps he can comment on how successfully they duplicated the fit.
I'm waiting for mine as well. I ordered at the last possible moment though. When did you order? We'll need to wait until the Bonafe factory re-opens in mid-August after their summer solstice. Timing kinda sucks though as I have a Thorpe pre-order scheduled to arrive in August as well. I was hoping to spread out the pain.
I'll probably need to do the measurements myself as well. Do you have any tricks or tips? Things to watch out for?
Any updates on your suits from John Ferrigamo and Garrison Bespoke?
So, what's the verdict on that 4x2 DB you were getting from that new tailor?
The Key Smart is a pretty good key 'wallet' found here.
Thanks for the response. How do you find the fit? Did it take you several iterations to dial it in? My only nit I have to pick with RTW/MTM is that they don't fit me cleanly in the back. I just want a clean line from my bum to my ankles.
Is that after taxes and shipping? They're $150 on their website here. Or maybe that's just the old version that they're discounting to get rid of.
So, you're saying that everything in your store is on sale right now and we better buy buy buy before they go back to their new regular price?
Does Saint Crispin have a signature model? A shoe/boot that they do better than anyone else? A iconic model?
New Posts  All Forums: