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Do you have a link to this particular shirt so the rest of us can take this into consideration when choosing the size?Is it this shirt?http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/hand-sewn-medium-blue-striped-oxford-shirt-spread-collar.html
Thank you!
Has anyone ever had Allen Edmonds refuse to recraft/resole their shoes? And what reason did they give for turning down the request? I want to topy just the tip of my shoes to slow down the wear and was curious if this would be okay or not.
Can someone please let me know the pricing on these boots? I can't see the page unless I surrender my e-mail address to create an account.
How much does Alden's Chromexel stretches? I'm usually a 10E in the Trubalance last but I'm wondering if a 10D in Chromexel/Trubalance will stretch enough to accommodate my 10E feet.
Did you check your PO? The status/message could be incorrectly entered. Technical glitches/human error happen all the time. Hopefully it's waiting there for you.
I'm under the impression that the arm scye dimension is controlled by the bicep measurement. The smaller the bicep measurement is the smaller and higher the arm scye becomes. Do the sleeves feel a bit large?You could ask them to wash the fabric before making your jacket.
Did Canada Post leave a note on your door about where to pick it up? If not you may be SOL'ed especially if that other party accepted your parcel. Did Canada Post's website indicate that it was at least delivered to your city? Best bet would be to call Canada Post ASAP to see what's up. And contact the seller to confirm the shipping address they used.Hopefully everything works out for you.
Think about how much more pleased you'll be with a ~15% discount/refund. If the mistake was on their end they should make it up to you by either giving you a partial refund or a re-make. All it'll take is an e-mail from you to the retailer. You have nothing to lose. And you can use that partial refund to fund more Saint Crispins .
What temperature range is the Hemingway safari jacket good for?
New Posts  All Forums: