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Is it payment in full or half now and the remaining half on delivery? How contrasty is the pin grain versus the rest of the upper?And out of curiosity do you know why the Hastatus has an upcharge compared to the rest of his shoes? It just looks like an adelaide without a toe cap. Wholecuts and apron stitched split toes I can understand an up-charge as there is extra work involved.
How long does MTM take once the order is submitted?
Thanks for the responses guys.
Well, the toe stiffener/puff has to end somewhere and it looks like it ended just above where your brogued cap is. Try placing some pressure on either side of your "band" and see if one side is has more give than the other side. Do this gently as you can't uncrease leather. This is all speculation on our part though. It's best to e-mail Antonio to get the definitive answer and also why it is the way it is. If there is no structural reason for the short toe stiffener maybe...
[[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] What shoe trees are you people using for the Carlos Santos field boots? And how are you sizing those trees?
If it's only a half size too large could you not use a sole insert to help take up some of the excess volume?
I believe that is where the toe stiffener ends.
[[SPOILER]] Interesting. Nasser Vies a local bespoke shoe maker also offers classes in making bespoke shoes but it's more geared towards people who actually want to be a bespoke shoe maker. Link is here. Other website is here.
Could you PM me thier contact information? Thanks.
Are they MTM or bespoke?
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