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Quote: Originally Posted by matsuya I'm 5'8, 160 lbs, 39 chest, 31 waist, 15.5 32/33 shirt, broad shoulders. Am I a small or medium? I'm damn near exactly your stats, including the shirt size, except a 32 waist and I usually buy mediums. The secret wash are a touch big on me but not enough to downsize to a small. Sleeves are usually an inch too long though. If it's not a style I typically roll up I usually have them shortened.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy Actually, the final implementation of this may have "pinned" FS threads not pinned to the top at all, but just embedded on the first page, so that they will be indistinguishable from unpinned threads except for the fact that they will have constant first page exposure. Transparency is best -- don't play games with your members. It's in bad faith.
Quote: Originally Posted by TGPlastic Not making your bed is weak as shit. Some of you people live like goddamn animals. You know who you are. You make me fucking sick in your new jeans posing like a fucking camwhore twat, flexing your little bird muscles in your shitty Section 8 looking digs with the particle board furniture and that McDonalds garbage everyfuckingwhere. When was the last time you cleaned the bathroom? Took out the trash? Wiped the...
Quote: Originally Posted by robin Breakfast and errands at the market this morning. Looks great Robin -- really like the colors of the hat, scarf and coat together. Fantastic Pike Place lifestyle shots.
Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 I don't care what the style is, but for a coat, classic peacoat specifically, if the sleeves are extending down to your fingertips, it's too fucking long. He may be asking about body length, not sleeve length. If so, I would judge where it hits on your body instead of your hands/fingertips (assuming the sleeve length is OK). Generally hitting mid-hip or a few inches longer is a good target but use your...
Quote: Originally Posted by dizzhizz More info on this watch please! Was looking at the Sinn but this also seems quite nice for a German engineered watch. Sure -- technical specs are here. If there's anything more specific I can tell you about it, feel free to ask. I've been very happy with it.
Repost from MC, but here's my Damasko DC57.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jas0n Striking. Without any direct experience, I've heard that Damasko make a very nice piece. I've been very happy with it -- love its clean design and hardened alloy case, which is nearly impossible to scratch. Also cleans up really well with a leather band.
Quote: Originally Posted by Vernon-Dozier Got the Military Mockneck Wool Cardigan ... Thanks for taking the time to share your impressions, Vernon-Dozier -- a lot of helpful information there.
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