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This is the single most awesome sales thread ever on Styleforum. Period. Thanks, OP! PM sent.
Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer so, 9d UK? Yes, UK size 9D. Regular width.
SOLD This pair has been used two times outside and I feel it's time to let go. No reason to keep them, really, as my collection has enough pairs already. Up for grabs: Edward Green MTO whisky shell cordovan brogues, size 9D, model Sandringham, last 606, double oak bark leather sole, steel toe tips. No box, shoe trees or bags, though. Original price quoted from EG is $1300, I'm looking to get $700. Please note: this pair is located in Finland, but I will take care...
Well, I'm sure this pair has been added before with these specific, but there's no such thing as too much porn. Old English II, cognac calf, F last.
I'm bumping this thread with a 5% cut on all listed prices. Please give homes to these babies, mmmkay?
BUMP for quality's sake. All prices are now dropped 5% - no further drops a-coming. If these won't sell, I'll be keeping them.
PipersSon, please note this pair is triple A narrow, but the last used on model Leeds is roomy. AE site states: '1 Last (511) Similar to the 7 Last from heel to the ball of the foot, yet with a more rounded, fuller fitting toe.' When these combine, the pair fits my standard 9D feet well. Pic for proof that this happened, if need be.
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 Rebel, this pair runs as long as a size 11 would, but the extremely narrow last fits my 9D feet very well with thick socks. It's no bespoke fit, but a comfortable one without doubt.
Quote: Originally Posted by yeungjai PM Sent - forgot to clarify though. Is sizing in UK for all of these shoes? Thanks Sizing is US for American shoes, UK for British shoes. dropout5, sorry about that. I've changed the message now. cioni2k, I have a hoarding problem, but now these pairs have got to go. I'm saving Lattanzis, Edward Greens and the better stuff for safekeeping. Sure, some of these would definitely fit a 8.5US foot: the Alden...
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