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...BUMP with 5% off. I'm also open to all reasonable offers on this pair before I chuck them to eBay.
Quote: Originally Posted by peacock MAR11@YOOX gets 10% off Worked for me, I got free shipping. Thanks!
...bumping this gorgeous pair with 5% off.
Gone now.
...bumping this thread with 5% off.
The basic leisure look: quilt jacket, corduroy cap, cashmere sweater, gingham country shirt, woollen Fraser tartan tie, thick corduroy trousers, camel hair scarf, veldtschoen boots and a bridle leather shoulder bag.
What I'm selling at the moment: -bespoke G.J. Cleverley brown brogues, size 9UK -two bespoke T&A shirts, size 39 -some random new T&A shirts -shell cordovan shoes from Alden (only visible in Germany's eBay) -a few bespoke jackets Most are listed on Britain's eBay, but I ship worldwide:
Up for grabs a near new pair from Spain's finest shoemaker. This is the derby dress boot listed on Carmina's site: I've worn these outside seven times with galoshes and there are a few welts from contact with water but, other than that, like new. Please see pics. Size marking 8EU, so 9D in US sizing. Made by the very slender Forest last. Slim oak bark leather soles, dark bornw lining, genuine Horween cigar shell cordovan uppers. This...
I bought these from Zappos about a month ago, but when they arrived the last was too big even with thicker socks. I'm not sure how often Horween has produced special order colours, but these are the first I've come across. One pair in navy shell cordovan, one in dark cherry. I've only tried these once indoors, so NIB it is. A rare opportunity to own the Florsheim longwing version as non-vintage. I'm asking $335 + shipping for a pair. Please note: these pairs reside...
Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del Are these the standard burgundy ones. They look like a nice dark brown My camera is poor, sorry about the picture quality. Colour is dark burgundy by Horween.
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