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Quote: Originally Posted by Patek Random bump from the past of the day! I have the same issue with both pairs or my Darltons. I tried a couple creams and they faded, but they are still there. This came from wearing them on rainy days in order to save my good shoes. I've used Saphir's Renovator to remove these greasy spots. Just the tiniest amount is enough with heavy buffing. Do try.
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Please note: all items reside in Finland, but I'll take care of VAT for potential members outside EU borders. To spare time I haven't listed measurements, but I'll add them on this thread if anyone's interested. Any questions for measurements, pics etc., please ask. Buyer pays for shipping, prices vary from item to item. As I've so many pics to add I decided to give them as links, so as not to have you guys waiting for them to load. Most of these items have been bought off...
NNEW IN BOX Carmina Albaladejo cigar shell cordovan dress boots, size 9D, highest bid now at $200:
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Now on eBay: several pairs of handmade shell cordovan shoes. Sizes 8½-9½, mostly by Alden but one near-new pair from Carmina.
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A superb bespoke-made pair from one of England's finest cordwainers ( I am not a cordwainer myself, but judging by looks alone the condition on this pair seems to be near new: soles have very little wear and uppers are creased in a way similar to a near-new pair. Insoles have faint marks. Please contact me for extra large size pictures if needed. Rich dark-brown colour, same-colour lining, classic semi-brogue design, best grade calf leather, oak...
...BUMP with 5% off. I'm also open to all reasonable offers on this pair before I chuck them to eBay.
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