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All I can suggest is that you try not to get trapped in the mindset that more fabric = more money. It's true from a material point of view, but often different cuts require different and more complicated labour. Labour is almost always the most expensive part of production.
Durability isn't a real issue. They're certainly more durable than any of the stretch fabric stuff. I've had mine for 2 years with no issues, minus a few loose threads on the pockets, which is certainly nothing worth noting.
daily beg for oxford 2.0
If you decide it's worth doing I'll be on standby to send funds.
Just because Drew seems to be around and I don't want to clog the email account. Is there zero chance of Oxford 2.0? My PayPal is ready.
What on Earth even motivated you to call them? Did you file a police report and they just suggested it? I've never thought of this despite having a pair of boots stolen once.
Outlier Shank Jacket. Basically a water repellant T3.
So since leathers/jackets are out, are the oxfords as well? I'll send $425 for 2 shirts right now if I can.
Prawn Coppidge. It's a seafood restaurant.
Probably more people "settling" with jackets they decided they don't like the fit/style of. When the wait is 8+ months it makes it more mentally taxing to decide to throw it up on B&S before ordering a new one.
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