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As long as you still provide invoices as a proof of payment that would be nice.
Awkward, but if you google Indeuxtry there's no established brand. Maybe whoever made the logo to begin with did nothing with the brand concept and passed it to charly and dan. or maybe it's a goof
hi willy please confirm fg-gallery.com thx
Haha was he really? I can't be arsed to parse through this entire thread. All I remember was the shearling fiasco. Being blacklisted doesn't seem so bad, now.
And in the end, only Woodyear was safe.
Halo got you a little cranky?
He wanted 600 for it, you didn't miss much.
I've heard good things. Prices certainly don't break the bank.
Ribkin wins. It's over, folks.
I like the sweats a lot. I only have the 1 "flash dual zip" hoodie as seen in the pic I posted. I basically bought the hoodie to wear under my BCDR. The shirts are also great for me, I really like the length. Their prices are higher than I think are warranted, though, but that's a common complaint. If you catch them on sale I highly recommend JE stuff. I'll probably try to find a Black Villain hoodie at some point.
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