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Quote: Originally Posted by dtmt um.... neither what a post what do you suggest we wear when it's raining then?
@jet - I mean, would anyone really wear rain boots when it's not raining? It's like wearing running shoes when you're not running. Good point though, it got me thinking. I think the boots the gentlemen are wearing in the last picture look very nice, by the way.
Are rain boots okay for men or should we stick to Duck boots? Forgive the copypasta
Can someone name some minimalist fashion houses/designers? So far I have cK & Jil Sanders.
what is the etiquette for accessories? I was looking at some leather bracelets, but I didn't know if it would be too minimalist if I only had one and too much for I had more. Also, would a leather bracelet(s) be appropriate for a casual dinner?
I have a Nautica leather bomber bought in the late 80s, and I figured it wouldn't hurt for a recondition. Can anyone recommend a leather conditioner or cream?
I have a nautica leather bomber jacket that is more than a decade old...it looks a bit worn, and I was wondering if I should restore/polish the leather just so it doesn't look so beat up. if you think I should restore the leather, what do you recommend?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg sounds like youre on the right track. if you have a car, or can find transportation, shop around. take your time and look for deals. your peers are unlikely to appreciate anything special anyway. i applaud your effort, but dont get too caught up in it, and definitely dont be like me and spend too much money on it. what you just listed was perfectly acceptable. but, if you have any questions about anything...
thanks for the suggestions. Are there any other places I can get them apart from macys?
Quote: Originally Posted by Rosenberg so you're strapped for cash. at least we've established that. we need more info on what exactly you're looking for. what style do you prefer? fits? anything you list will help I prefer solid colors and regular fits. Nothing too bulky. A typical fit for me last winter would be a grey sweater, a pair of regular fit levis, and some burgundy adidas hi tops. I hope that helps.
New Posts  All Forums: