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No, Google doesn't care what school you went to if you are a programmer, they just look at your code samples and ask you logic puzzels. The comment about top 10 schools was mine and they apply expressly to non-technical majors. It's not that hard to get a job at Google these days if you are a decent programmer - they are hemorrhaging talent to startups and can't hire fast enough because of *gasp* a shortage of engineers.
A) Have you been in the position of trying to hire an engineer recently? It's downright impossible in the current environment.B) What? Do you have any idea what the starting salaries are?From MTU, via Bureau of Labor StatisticsBiomedical Engineering $84,670 Civil and Environmental Engineering $77,990 Chemical Engineering $92,390 Electrical and Computer Engineering $85,920 Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences $84,300 Materials Science and...
Do you think you would have a better chance of being employed by Google if you have a degree in Ethnomusicology or Computer Science? Which one gets paid more? Luckily I know the answer, SWEs at Google get paid about 2x more than non-technical folks.No one is arguing that we don't need to start sooner.
"But Mitt Romney / Barack Obama / Bill Clinton / CEOs of Fortune 500 was a liberal arts major" is an argument that peeves me to no end. Those people also went to HYSP undergrad, law or business school. Using them as examples is the ultimate demonstration of confirmation bias. You have your cause and effect backwards. Incredible people will succeed no matter what they study. You and I are not them.Some large companies will hire liberal arts majors and spend many resources...
Sam is reaching a little too much - Some of the things he touches on are directionally correct. Any new technology serves as a force multiplier to existing workers and opens up new classes of professions. When a single worker becomes more effective at a job, his colleagues become obsolete and they need to switch professions or risk being unemployed. As I have said before companies are generally very reluctant to fire people who are not needed anymore. There's a social...
She called them fall shirting fabrics - I think they are nice, especially the large cream taran.
It's a bad idea to use it as your primary monitor, if that's what you are asking.
A lot of people work in winner-take-all type industries. The incentive is to work like crazy because anything less and you end up with basically nothing to show for it.
Best poast Piob has ever madeIf you are making 150, your direct report is making 500 and his boss might be making an order of magnitude more. It's pretty easy to feel like a peasant. People are not perfectly rational, and they tend to compare themselves to other around them.
We have added improvements to the shirt on every batch based on feedback from customers, issue reports, and our own testing. One of the complaints we got on occasion was the neck stitching breaking, so we changed the way the collar was sewn and added a reinforcement stich. CalTex, I can take care of it over PM.On the subject of fall releases, here's what we got in the pipeline.Oxford cloth button-downsI just saw the samples and I am super excited about them. All the...
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