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Matt - you and Jake have been bringing the pain lately. I saw this on tumblr from a while back and I was really impressed -
The twitter page might be premature - I kicked off the Canada shipping project yesterday - we are trying to get it done by mid November.
The fit on the tees has been locked in, it's been a long process, which I am happy to talk about.1. We believe in an iterative process. There is something to be said for consistency, but I think by constantly making small adjustments, we ended up in a place that everyone, especially our customers are happiest with.2. We take feedback seriously - styleforum guys as well as our broader customer-base have been quite liberal with the offering of suggestions and complaints, and...
On it.Yes, they should be coming down the pipeline.
Ack, sorry about that - can you PM me your account email again - I will take care of it.I'll tell you the story behind that decision - We had a lot of people who complained about making their first t-shirt purchase and having to buy 4 shirts to reach the 50 threshold. We tried 50, 2 items and 3 items, and it turns out 2 items is everyone's favorite on average. We also don't see other people with this kind of shipping policy so we thought we could be a little different.We...
Grey Snap Backpacks are back up - we have about a 2:1 ratio with wait-list vs stock, mass emails going out tomorrow.
Button stance is very high on CM jackets and they are pretty short - If you can get the Caruso stuff from Rugby, that's probably a better bet.
I got a hold of a few things I thought were cool today, so I wanted to post them here. Cashmere swatches We are doing light grey heather, charcoal heather, navy, black (not pictured) and forest green heather, which is my favorite. It's a really cool colorway because it's lightly heathered with blue instead of white, which looks really awesome when made up. OCBD Buttons I pushed our product team hard for shell buttons over plastic ones, and they left one of these...
Unfortunately, we did a shitty job photographing. Sage is actually a shade of light green tinged with blue and grey.
GUIZ. this is styleforum, where 250k is the accepted minimum. You two should add a couple of zeros to your wagers.
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