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The size display is a bug we are fixing right now - we attached a belt size to it instead of a shirt size.We are AB testing models. Looks like you got John.SohwheeMade with the oil of a newborn jackalope.Antique is more muted than navy, and darker. It's halfway to a midnight blue. You can see the difference a little more clearly in the women's photos. We are retouching the images to show the distinction more - these photos went out really fast.Hope you like the shirts - XS...
Yes, we kept the pocket. Only to troll you.No box pleat. Death to box pleats. They will have small side pleats.Yes! Yes!Yes! No! Yes, I am working on it, we have to go through incredibly annoying courier services to get it past customs (sad face) but we will make it happen before the crazy holiday season.Slate is back up for pre-order (delivers next week) and early fall colors are up now.I think they will come back at the very beginning of October. We are waiting for a...
The filling is a synthetic, not down, so it's not as warm as it could be, but it's good enough for San Francisco at night, and with a sweater, it's pretty good. For Northern California, I would say it's almost perfect. If you are on the East coast, you will need a coat over it.It's more black than blue - in full light, it has just a slight hint of blue, but it's really black for all intents and purposes.
Just kopped the Sean Blazer - http://www.clubmonaco.com/product/index.jsp?productId=13015497 Really great outerwear / layering piece.
She called them fall shirting fabrics - I think they are nice, especially the large cream taran.
It's a bad idea to use it as your primary monitor, if that's what you are asking.
A lot of people work in winner-take-all type industries. The incentive is to work like crazy because anything less and you end up with basically nothing to show for it.
Best poast Piob has ever madeIf you are making 150, your direct report is making 500 and his boss might be making an order of magnitude more. It's pretty easy to feel like a peasant. People are not perfectly rational, and they tend to compare themselves to other around them.
We have added improvements to the shirt on every batch based on feedback from customers, issue reports, and our own testing. One of the complaints we got on occasion was the neck stitching breaking, so we changed the way the collar was sewn and added a reinforcement stich. CalTex, I can take care of it over PM.On the subject of fall releases, here's what we got in the pipeline.Oxford cloth button-downsI just saw the samples and I am super excited about them. All the...
Hey guys, sorry about any backpack issues you are having. I realize how frustrating it must be for something to break, or not manage to perform a critical function. We are confident in our products, but defects do happen - we log and systematically review every issue reported, so I will get the message out.deveandepot1, I assure you that you did not get your money's worth in this case and that is our bad.I am happy to provide you guys a replacement with a new-generation...
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